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Author: Chris Brown

Sussex Bird Report Editorial Team

We are looking for a volunteer to assist with the typesetting of the Bird Report. Ideally this would be someone familiar with desktop publishing InDesign (or who would be willing to learn). The main effort falls in the autumn when completed, agreed and proofread texts and photographs are available. Anyone interested should contact Peter Plant […]

Swifts need your help in 2018

Swifts are now Amber listed as Birds of Conservation Concern and their decline is principally due to changes humans have made to their nesting sites in man-made buildings. Many changes have taken place since I took over the paperwork 10 years ago. SOS member Graham Roberts was very active during the 1980s and 1990s in […]

Hawfinch Diet Project

We are currently involved in a PhD study investigating Hawfinch diet through faecal DNA analysis and in need of a reference DNA sample from a Hawfinch – the easiest way to obtain this is from a freshly dead (or fresh when frozen) bird or bird remains. If anyone comes across or hears about one (cat, […]

Species Account Writers for 2017 Bird Report

We will shortly be finishing the production of the 2016 Bird Report in time for distribution from the printers before Christmas as usual. However we are looking to augment our wonderful team of volunteer species account writers for the 2017 report. If you are interested in the analysis of the Society’s records and helping to […]

White Storks

The recent increase in reports of White Storks in Sussex is linked to a project to release birds into the wild in southern England. Further information is available on the Knepp Estate website. Some of the birds are able to fly and the SOS Records Committee (SOSRC) will therefore only assess records of this species […]

The New Website

As you can see, the new site is now live. I hope you think it’s an improvement – it should be a lot easier for us to support than the old one. If you encounter any problems, spot any errors, or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know at

Cetti’s warbler records requested

There is a Sussex-only breeding Cetti’s warbler survey running this year, aiming to update our understanding of the distribution of breeding Cetti’s warblers in Sussex, to enable the calculation of a county population estimate, and to provide information on the habitat preferences of breeding Cetti’s warblers in Sussex. The survey mainly involves visits by volunteers […]

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