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A joint scheme of the BTO, WWT, RSPB and JNCC, the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) is the monitoring scheme for non-breeding waterbirds in the UK which aims to provide the principal data for the conservation of their populations and wetland habitats. The data collected are used to assess the size of waterbird populations, assess trends in numbers and distribution, and identify and monitor important sites for waterbirds.

Once-monthly, synchronised counts are carried out (primarily September to March) at as many wetland sites as possible. Counts can take anything from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the size of the site.

Dates of the counts are pre-determined by the BTO and are set on Sundays. It is generally accepted that a count can be carried out a day or more either side of these dates if counters have other commitments and there is not an interchange of species with other neighbouring sites.

Sites requiring new volunteers are listed below (updated 1/7/2016). For further information please contact:


INLAND SITES: Helen Crabtree (


Coastal sites:

Normans Bay TQ686054
Selsey Bill SZ858922
Broadwater Lake Eastbourne TQ608012
Langney Harbour Eastbourne

Inland sites:

Ashburnham Park TQ692145
Bayham Abbey TQ639366
Benbow Pond SU914222
Buchan CP Lakes TQ245341
Cooks Pond near Milland SU830262
East Langney Level TQ644035 (Pevensey Levels)
Forest Mere SU819299
Glynleigh Level TQ604071 (Pevensey Levels)
Hammer Pond St Leonard’s Forest TQ222291
Hampden Park Lake TQ599017
Hankham Level (Pevensey Levels)
Lurgashall Mill Pond SU938260
Manxey Level TQ641066 (Pevensey Levels)
Manxey Moat TQ653068 (Pevensey Levels)
Mark Dyke TQ657078 (Pevensey Levels)
Old Haven TQ652056 (Pevensey Levels)
Patching Pond TQ088057
Pond Lye TQ290215
River Cuckmere Exceat to Arlington TQ525035
River Ouse Hamsey to Isfield TQ436149
River Rother Cowdray Park to Selham SU922209
St George’s Retreat TQ338190
Streele Lake TQ065247
Tilgate Ponds (New Pond) TQ274330
Wallers Haven (Pevensey Levels)
Whelpley Level (Pevensey Levels)
Whyke Lakes SU872040