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Recent Sightings

Recent Sightings

The Recent Sightings page will now only post sightings relating to birds seen from your home or in your garden, or recorded on the one exercise walk from a place of residence. The SOS Council asks that everyone follows the Government advice and does not make any non-essential journeys by car or public transport. We would encourage people to continue to send in reports from your home or walk so that the Society can still accumulate important records and monitor the spring migration.

Now is a great time to record breeding evidence. Many species are singing and nest-building and even a species in suitable habitat can be recorded as possible breeding. Once the current restrictions are lifted, do then continue to record breeding evidence wherever you go bird watching and help lift the percentage of SOS records with breeding evidence during April to July above the current 13%.

Why not help the BTO and sign up to GardenBirdwatch this spring, and keep weekly records of everything you encounter at home? You’ll still be doing your bit for the vital collection of information about Britain’s birds.

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28 Mar 2020Garden raptors

Watching from our Crawley garden this afternoon in breezy conditions, surprisingly just a single Common Buzzard was noted. Highlight though was a pair of Peregrines which came in from the north they looked like they were really enjoying the breezy conditions, they then headed off back north at high speed.
Later the resident female Sparrowhawk was up spooking the local Starlings.
Early morning three small groups of Canada Geese were seen flying in various directions.

posted by Alastair Gray on 28 Mar 2020 16:44

28 Mar 2020Now it's Mandarin Ducks

After Woodcock yesterday and Garganey a week or so back, there is a pair of Mandarins on my garden pond this afternoon. They are often on ponds around about here on the flanks of Blackdown, but rarely on my small patch of water (about 12 meters by 5 metres). right on the top.

posted by Steve Vaughan on 28 Mar 2020 16:19

28 Mar 2020East Worthing

Pretty quiet day birding from my flat, but migrants recorded were single Rook and Linnet and 14 Chaffinch which all went east this morning. Still no Red Kite from here, but single female Sparrowhawk this morning and male Peregrine this afternoon. Plenty of song from the local male Greenfinch too

posted by Jan on 28 Mar 2020 16:14

28 Mar 2020Fairlight Cliffs

A rather unpleasant day on the clifftop, with an icy blast howling round the house, consequently nothing on the sea after a Porpoise at 0530. A chilly ninety minutes produced 105 Chaffinches, 4 Siskins and 2 Pied /White Wagtails going east, while a brief exercise walk into the Country Park revealed just a Stonechat and a Yellowhammer - and no people at all…

posted by Alan Parker on 28 Mar 2020 16:07

27 Mar 2020Male Hen Harrier!

I was driving home to Brighton yesterday along the A27 across the Pevensey Levels, when to my astonishment a male Hen Harrier drifted into view from my left, and cruised over the road to the fields to the north. I was no more than 30 metres away from it at most, and it flew relatively low.
An absolutely stunning moment! How rare / common are Hen Harrier sightings in this area? I've only ever seen one before in my life, on Islay!
Steve Smith

posted by STEVE SMITH ( on 28 Mar 2020 14:56

28 Mar 2020Southwick

A walk from home to Southwick Beach and back produced 26 species including a singing Song Thrush (increasingly scarce here), a Stock Dove on Southwick Green, a thriving population of Greenfinches (several in song) and ca.10 Linnets along the north bank of Southwick Canal and five Turnstone. The only evidence of any movement taking place was four flocks of Chaffinches totaling about 60 birds flying NE into the stiff breeze. No movement whatsoever over the sea which was completely devoid of birds bar three Cormorants.

posted by Paul and Bridget James on 28 Mar 2020 13:00

27 Mar 2020Woodcock's on my garden list

Yesterday and the day before I flushed Woodcock from the ground in my garden on the north side of Blackdown. They are frequently seen roding (although less so in recent years) but having them on the ground here is unusual. Perhaps there are fewer dog walkers around, although there still seem to be a large number of cars in the car park (naughty people).

posted by Steve Vaughan on 28 Mar 2020 12:38

27 Mar 2020Long-tailed Tits

Doing some long-overdue pot cleaning at the bottom of my garden, I was delighted to see four little faces regarding me from the fat pellet feeder, a mere 3 feet away. They seemed completely unconcerned - a charming few minutes!

posted by Janet Nott on 28 Mar 2020 11:22

27 Mar 2020Yapton

Walking my once a day patch, very low flying Buzzard. Many Skylarks playing in the beautiful blue sky. On the lake at Ford, male and female Pochard, 2 CootsMallard male and female, 1 Mute Swan, 2 Cormorants and a distant Grey Heron. Lovely blackthorn blossom and 1 peacock butterfly.

posted by Jan Gardner on 27 Mar 2020 22:04

27 Mar 2020The early bird

So far the lockdown has been kind to us at home, with Red Kites daily, Ravens and even a Goshawk on Tuesday. Our walks have been just as productive, with multiple sightings of Peregrines (at least three different birds) in the area and, best of all, a newly arrived Dartford Warbler flushed from the hedgerow as we walked up the down on our early morning walk today.

posted by Mike and Karen Galtry on 27 Mar 2020 20:49

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