Recent Sightings

Recent Sightings


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17 May 2024Sea Eagle

At about 13.00 we saw a White-tailed Eagle on the shoreline at Goring-by-Sea. It was being "mobbed" by a large group of seagulls and Crows. After 5-10 minutes it took off and flew north towards the South Downs.

posted by Ken Epps on 18 May 2024 12:32

17 May 2024Fishbourne to Chichester Marina

An impressive 98 Mute Swans as I walked to the marina with the tide reseeding. Otherwise very little to report apart from 6 Shelducks, 2 Oystercatchers and a pair of Great Black-backed Gulls, one of which tackling a large flat fish. The fly over by a pair of Spitfires was quite a sight.

posted by Cliff on 17 May 2024 20:55

17 May 2024Hungry cormorant

We watched for ten minutes as this Cormorant attempted and eventually succeeded in having a substantial early lunch on the meanders at the Cuckmere estuary this morning. 

posted by Martin Kenward on 17 May 2024 18:28

17 May 2024Citrine Wagtail

Belated news of a male Citrine Wagtail (2nd county record) photographed at Widewater Lagoon on Wednesday Searched for today but no sign unfortunately.

posted by Paul James on 17 May 2024 16:05

17 May 2024Hobbies and a Goshawk

I spent four hours at Amberley Wildbrooks (with others). Six raptor species, including a minimum of seven Hobbies (I suspect double figures), hawking insects. The surprise was a Goshawk. I heard the "hawk alarm call" of a Crow, and either it or another was chasing a Goshawk. The hawk went into cover and the local Crows went berserk. They mobbed and scolded constantly for more than ten minutes, with recruiting Crows coming from far and wide. In the end there must have been at least 40 Crows all intent on murder. I have never seen such a spectacle. Otherwise, a Curlew came in from the south and disappeared into some rough grass, around a kilometre from where I was standing. It never came out (or at least I never saw it come out). Interesting!

posted by Martin Kalaher on 17 May 2024 15:48

17 May 2024Bignor Hill

The weather this morning pleasant enough to prompt a visit here and I spent nearly an hour, with a few fellow birdwatchers peering into a particularly stony field beside the South Downs Way, at the Dotterel, here for its third day, I believe. Congratulations to the finders of this lovely bird, and so difficult to pick out among the plethora of flints!

posted by Alan Kitson on 17 May 2024 11:50

16 May 2024Cetti’s Warbler

Spotted and heard in bushes under a willow tree near to the fenced-off entrance to the Cockshutt stream restoration area.

posted by Joachim Farncombe on 16 May 2024 21:56

16 May 2024Dotterel

The Dotterel still at Bignor Hill this afternoon. Park in the car park and walk east along the South Downs Way to the highest point to view. This afternoon it was on the south side of the track about 50 metres into the stony field.

posted by Paul James on 16 May 2024 16:44

16 May 2024Surprise Pochards

From Westmead hide at Pulborough Brooks this morning was a pair of Pochard, perhaps my first ones on the reserve. Also here a pair of Tufted Duck, a drake Shoveler, a pair of Avocet, some four Lapwing and a good many Black-headed Gulls, but, unfortunately, no Redshank.

posted by Alan Kitson on 16 May 2024 12:35

15 May 2024Owls

North of the Rodmell track to the river and down the bottom both Short-eared and Barn Owl around 9pm. 

posted by Alison Walters on 16 May 2024 10:21

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