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Recent Sightings

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03 Aug 2020Mediterranean Gull postscript

A postscript to my note on a Polish-ringed Mediterranean Gull returning to the same spot by the Arun south of Arundel after a two-year absence -- I've now heard back from the Polish ringing institute about what PUE2 was up to in the intervening period. Ringed in Poland as a pullus on 23 May 2018, it was present by the Arun on 23 Jul 2018. After that it was at Faro, Portugal on 25 Dec 2018 and 1 Jan 2019, and subsequently at Icklesham, Sussex on 16 Apr 2019 and Bembridge, IOW on 15 Jul 2020, before turning up again at the Arun on 30 July.
The Arun late this afternoon was quiet with only a handful of gulls, including one unringed juvenile Mediterranean Gull, while waders included eight Common Sandpipers and 10 Lapwings. At least four Willow Warblers were moving through, but the main passerine numbers comprised Goldfinches and Linnets, with at least 150 of the former and perhaps 20 of the latter.

posted by Martin Daniel ( on 04 Aug 2020 00:04

03 Aug 2020Waltham Brooks

Following on from a post of mine last week from Steep Down, I was amazed to hear at least a dozen singing great green bush-crickets on the brooks. I saw two and managed to photograph one. Considering I've never even heard one in Sussex before, they must be having an amazing year! Despite the rather cool and dull conditions I managed some butterflies including common blue, meadow brown, gatekeeper and a red admiral. As for birds, a male Sparrowhawk flying close and low greeted me onto the reserve, along with a very confiding young Jay. There were a couple of Gadwall amongst the moulting Mallards on the lagoon and there were also family parties of Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat and Green Woodpecker.

posted by Alec MacIntyre ( on 03 Aug 2020 22:03

03 Aug 2020Pied Flycatcher among ash dieback, Stansted

Pied Flycatcher briefly in one of the last remaining ash trees on NW edge of Batty's Park near Forestside.

posted by Stephen Younger on 03 Aug 2020 20:53

03 Aug 2020Amberley Wild Brooks

Why haven't I been for a while! Stunning weather if not a little quiet on the bird front but the noise of the crickets certainly fill the air. Greenfinches were - a treat a young one posed for a photo - young Robin, hunting Kestrel, Red Kite that I nearly missed as I was scanning the fields and it flew high but straight over my head. Also a Marsh Harrier which was best one for me.

posted by Jan Gardner on 03 Aug 2020 19:20

03 Aug 2020Common Sandpipers at Upper Beeding

There were 10-12 Common Sandpipers beside the Adur just north of the old cement works this morning. The tide was in and they were hunkered down very unobtrusively on the east bank, under or near where the branches were overhanging or very close to the river, or half-hidden in the waterside vegetation. They were in two or three groups, were almost immobile, and were very difficult to see.

posted by Andrew Armitage on 03 Aug 2020 18:10

03 Aug 2020Wheatear

A single Wheatear on rocks at Splash Point, Worthing this afternoon. Several red admirals along beach and pier. A Common Buzzard drifted east over my gardening Goring-by-Sea early afternoon harassed by gulls. Gatekeeper and speckled wood in garden too.

posted by John Feest on 03 Aug 2020 18:07

03 Aug 2020Osprey from Blackdown

Around 4pm and a sunny afternoon on Blackdown. Looking south from the scarp edge, a juvenile Osprey was working the valley to the south, along Fernden Lane. There are some fishing ponds there which might have caught its interest. After a few passes at about eye level, but some way off, it flew off to the East. Two circling Ravens gave a nice size comparison - they're big birds but not a patch on the Osprey.

Shortly afterwards a very odd bird flew overhead heading north. Very black body with pretty white underwings and what appeared to be trailing legs. Maybe Crow sized but not Crow shaped. The only thing I can think of is Spotted Redshank in summer plumage, but that would be a weird sighting up there.

posted by Steve Vaughan on 03 Aug 2020 17:38

03 Aug 2020Little Egrets at Cuckmere

A record number of Little Egrets at Cuckmere for me - 33 in the trees plus 5 more in adjacent ditches. Three Grey Herons were also in the trees and 2 Common Sandpipers along the river. Earlier a juv Barwit flew west over the sea. Also a number of Sand Martins flying west. Cloudy and cool northerly.

posted by Edward Paxton on 03 Aug 2020 15:25

02 Aug 2020Around Arundel

A couple more ringed Mediterranean Gulls noted to the south of Arundel in the past few days. A juvenile ringed as a pullus at Vendee, France on June 26 had flown about 600 kilometers north to the Arun just over a month later on 30 July. On the same day a bird ringed in Poland in May 2018 was noted - the record being especially notable since the same bird had been there on July 23, 2018.
Meanwhile a walk in the woods to the west of Arundel this morning produced a good range of raptors, encouraging numbers of young Coal Tits and Marsh Tits, and Crossbills heard in the Waterwoods. Two days before, an evening walk to check some of the local Nightjars produced at least two birds. As interesting was a Pygmy Shrew that crossed the path on the way up to the site, while on the way back there were 20 female Glow Worms glowing brightly on a relatively short stretch of path in the Waterwoods at about 10.15pm.

posted by Martin Daniel ( on 03 Aug 2020 00:01

02 Aug 2020South Downs

Away from the Chantry area today and a bike ride from Beeding car park and over to Devil's Dyke produced many Swallows among the many barns along the SDW.Usual GoldfinchesLinnets etc but highlight was a Cuckoo that hurriedly left its’ perch but no doubt as it flew twenty or so yards and then landed in another copse .

posted by Ken Tanner on 02 Aug 2020 21:08

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