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Recent Sightings

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28 Jan 2021Ravens and Kingfisher

On my Storrington downland walk on January 25th I forgot to mention the extraordinary number of Ravens there were. The birder I bumped into (when we had close views of a Dartford Warbler) mentioned 10 in a flock, which included some display. In my 5-6 mile walk they were everywhere. Every 10 minutes or so I either saw a Raven or more usually heard one or more. I found a Ravens nest last year on these downs and it's difficult to believe that there is only one pair between Storrington and Amberley. Arguing against this statement there is the issue of spacing (I would suggest two miles is fairly typical) and also (as with Red Kites) many of these birds are non-breeding youngsters that have yet to pair off. Very long lived, they don't have to rush into breeding and are able to "enjoy" their teenage years (and bully all around them). Without trying too hard to count them I must have had at least 15 Ravens before I reached Lee Farm and then there were 13 in a close-nit flock (definitely a teenage gang). As for the Kingfisher, I am indebted to a couple who spotted by binoculars and kindly mentioned a Kingfisher on the Parham pond/lake. This was 5-6 days ago and in the fine drizzle yesterday I saw it whiz across the pond and perch on some Alder that overhang this pond. Kingfishers are regularly seen on the coast and in the river valleys but inland are not a particularly common winter record. My guess is that it will stay there for some time, if others happen to be wandering that way. It's nice to be able to watch them fish.

posted by Martin Kalaher ( on 28 Jan 2021 10:52

28 Jan 202115th species of the year

Male Blackcap eating mistletoe berries in the apple tree this morning. 15th species in the garden since the turn of the year.

posted by John Ellel on 28 Jan 2021 10:28

28 Jan 2021RSPB Chichester Local Group February Zoom Talks

The RSPB Chichester Local Group has a busy February ahead, with three new Zoom talks lined up:

- 4 February, 7pm: Bars and Spots: The Contrasting Fortunes of our Woodpeckers - Ken Smith will be telling us all about his latest research on Lesser Spotted and Great Spotted Woodpeckers

- 11 February, 7pm: Rewilding and Birds at Knepp - Penny Green, the ecologist at the Knepp Estate, will be explaining how rewilding has been used on the estate to encourage birds

- 25 February, 7pm: Going South: The Falklands - Leading Local Group member and experienced speaker Kerry Jackson will take us on a tour of the Falkland Islands and their abundant birdlife

Our Zoom talks are free to all RSPB Chichester Local Group Members (£10pa) and £4 each to non-members. For more information about our Zoom talks programme in February, March and April, and to book a place, please email

posted by Rob Yarham ( on 28 Jan 2021 09:31

27 Jan 2021Blackcap

Finally get to snap the male Blackcap that's visiting our garden. Female more elusive.

posted by James Ellis on 28 Jan 2021 09:20

30 Jan 2021SOS Conference January 2021

Another reminder to book your places for the SOS Conference. Its free! We have two nights of great talks for you on the 30th and 31st January. For more details and to book go to the "Latest Posts" news item or click here: SOS Conference 2021

posted by Tim Squire on 27 Jan 2021 22:16

27 Jan 2021Singing grebe

I know it was mild this morning but it was still a surprise to hear one of the wintering Little Grebes at Widewater singing and chasing another around. Roosting on the beach at high tide were 172 Dunlin and 46 Ringed Plover and a Kingfisher was sitting by the far side of the lagoon.

posted by Richard Fairbank on 27 Jan 2021 19:33

27 Jan 2021Merlin

Stepped out in my garden early this afternoon to replenish the bird table and saw flocks of Starlings in mobbing mode and looked up to see what I thought would be the arrival of a Sparrowhawk, but was surprised by a male Merlin zoom through low eastward over my neighbour’s wall. This was a garden 'tick' for me, Goring-by-Sea.

posted by John Feest on 27 Jan 2021 18:28

26 Jan 2021Portobello sea-watch

After a fairly quiet day yesterday with 675 auks moving W, today was much busier with auk species 3570W, Gannet 405W and Red-throated Diver 53W.

posted by David Howey on 27 Jan 2021 08:57

26 Jan 2021Fairlight Cliffs

A calm morning but a "bracing" westerly later. In 2. 5 hrs from dawn just over 1000 auks (appearing to be Razorbills, see below), 78 Red-throated Divers, 85 Gannets and 16 Kittiwakes flew W. In an hour in the afternoon just 80 auks flew W, but a pair of Shoveler went W (wrong way!) and a Med. Gull E. Three Porpoises was a good count. 

posted by Alan Parker on 27 Jan 2021 05:50

26 Jan 2021WTE back on IOW

Just to say that White-tailed Eagle G274 returned across the Solent to the Isle of Wight today. A map showing its movements in West Sussex is shown. The return flight went towards, but not to, Selsey Bill. Thanks to Steve Egerton-Read for the details.

posted by Mark Mallalieu ( on 26 Jan 2021 23:11

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