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Author: Chris Brown

Scarce Breeding Birds

The breeding season is already underway for some birds. Please respect the special protection for species listed in Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (see list here). For scarce breeding species in Sussex, please do not publish locations on social media, including this website, unless the sites are well-known and protected. If […]

SOS survey plans for 2019

At the October meeting of the SOS Scientific Committee we discussed plans for forthcoming survey work. On-going projects such as WeBS, BBS and SDFBI will continue as usual but there are two new projects planned for 2019. National Willow Tit Survey The endemic race of Willow Tit (Poecile montanus kleinschmidti) is the second-fastest declining species […]

Sussex farms: surveyors needed

The RSPB’s South Downs Farmland Bird Monitoring project is not being continued next year, but the SOS has agreed to try to find volunteer surveyors if the farmers involved would like to see surveys continue in order to maintain an understanding of how farming practices are affecting their breeding birds. This is an excellent opportunity […]

Website Access Problems

Last month (around 22nd/23rd) we had a problem with the site which caused a “site unsafe” message to be displayed in visitors’ browsers. It was fixed within about 36 hours but some people experienced the problem for a little longer due to a condition known as “caching” in which an old (and in this case, […]

Swifts – The Sound of Summer

Many people across Sussex are enjoying the brilliant “sound of summer” with the screaming parties of Swifts flying around villages and towns. After a very difficult migration in May it looks as if breeding has been good for many birds in Sussex. Now is the time to count how many Swifts can be seen flying […]

RSPB Turtle Dove surveys

We are urgently looking for a couple of surveyors to carry out turtle dove surveys in Sussex. The 1km squares we still need to cover are: TQ1717, TQ1719 and TQ1921 (Adur Valley, north-west of Henfield) Survey details: Surveyors need to undertake two surveys during the breeding season (early May – late July), with a minimum […]

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