Welcome to the Sussex Barn Owl Group


Barn Owl monitoring in Sussex began in the middle of the last century through the efforts of the late Barrie Watson. 3,346 Barn Owls were marked using his rings. In 2019, our group was formed by Barrie, Terry Hallahan, and Stuart Card, and it is now home to a dedicated team of volunteers, including professional ecologists, ornithologists, biologists, and conservationists, as well as enthusiastic birders. Together we are committed to the preservation and protection of Sussex’s owl population.

  • We monitor over 250 Barn Owl boxes across Sussex each year.
  • Through our active installation of nest boxes in strategic locations, we have not only stabilised but also contributed to the growth of the Sussex Barn Owl population.
  • With over 90% of Barn Owls in the UK now using nest boxes, our efforts have had a significant impact on their conservation.
  • Beyond Barn Owls: While our focus is primarily on Barn Owls, we also install and monitor boxes for other bird species, including Tawny Owls, Little Owls, and Kestrels. Many of these boxes have been successfully occupied, resulting in the raising of broods, and furthering our conservation objectives.


Why not join us?

  • Whether you’re a seasoned conservationist or simply passionate about the welfare of owls and birds of prey, we welcome you to join us!
  • If you’re a resident of Sussex and share our commitment to conservation, we’d love to hear from you.
  • If you own land with habitat suitable to support breeding raptors, or have seen owls in your local area, please get in touch.


Volunteer opportunities

Consider volunteering with us to help install and monitor nest boxes, contributing directly to the conservation efforts in your local community.
No experience is necessary – just a love for wildlife and a willingness to make a difference!

Join us today: Become part of our passionate team dedicated to the conservation of owls and birds of prey in Sussex.

Find out more here on Facebook or email us at: info@sussexbarnowlgroup.org