WHBBS Surveyor Needed Urgently

Wealden Heaths Breeding Bird Survey (West Sussex)
Surveyor needed urgently from 2024


This long running survey monitors 21 breeding species with emphasis on heathland specialists by the simple method of detecting males holding territory. The core heaths of West Sussex have been surveyed for twenty-five years and we are now in need of a surveyor for the important site of Weavers Down SU8130.

Nightjar, Woodlark, Dartford Warbler, Tree Pipit and Stonechat are the prime targets however this heath also good for Redstart and Linnet.

The Survey starts in mid-February, (to find the Woodlarks taking up their territories) and carries on mid-July. We try to cover the individual sites entirely on at least four occasions, including one early year visit as mentioned, and two visits (more if you have the inclination and the time) about two weeks apart during May when song activity is at its peak. There will be at least one evening visit in May or June to detect Nightjar.

The survey is not particularly demanding but the continuous nature, providing so far, twenty-five years of data has enabled us to assist with management advice and other conservation issues such as planning that might affect the heaths.


If you are interested please contact Alan Perry for more details on 01798 344417 or email aledgehill@outlook.com