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SOS Turtle Dove survey – still time to volunteer

As you may know SOS are organising a survey of breeding Turtle Doves this summer. The survey started in mid-May and I am sure many of you have already been our surveying birds. Turtle Doves are now settling into their territories and are being seen at feeding sites and are purring regularly. The SOS survey is based on a random selection of tetrads where birds were recorded during the 2008-11 atlas. We selected about 60 tetrads in total and so far we have allocated 48 of these to observers…but there are 13 where we are still looking for volunteers. As you can see from the list below, many of these are in and around Ashdown Forest where we know there are still reasonable numbers of Turtle Doves.

The survey runs from mid-May until the end of July so there is still plenty of time to get involved. The methods are very straight forward – simply check out the suitable habitat in your tetrad and listen out for purring doves. What a great way to spend a couple of early mornings in summer.

We are still looking for people to cover the following tetrads:

SU92T Ebernoe Common
SU92Z Rondwyck House, Ebernoe
TQ42E Chelwood Common
TQ42J Chelwood beacon
TQ42N Nutley
TQ43F Llama park/Pippingford
TQ43R Jumper’s Town
TQ62H Great Broadhurst Farm
TQ63D Frant Station
TQ73A Flimwell/Union Street
TQ81J Brede/Broadland Row
TQ81X Pannel Farm/Elms Farm, Pett
TQ82K Beckley Woods

If anyone is able to take on one of more of these squares please contact Ken Smith (01 243 786079 for the instructions, maps and survey forms. Thank you.

Ken Smith