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BTO English Winter Bird Survey

The BTO English Winter Bird Survey (EWBS) this winter will involve survey visits to randomly-selected squares that are dominated by farmland, and will assess bird populations using farmland and will also monitor the availability of food resources throughout the winter, providing national-scale monitoring of the effects of agri-environment scheme management on birds in winter (see […]

Website Access Problems

Last month (around 22nd/23rd) we had a problem with the site which caused a “site unsafe” message to be displayed in visitors’ browsers. It was fixed within about 36 hours but some people experienced the problem for a little longer due to a condition known as “caching” in which an old (and in this case, […]

Brighton Swift City Urban Nature Caseworker

As part of the effort to protect Brighton’s vulnerable Swift population, the RSPB is looking for someone in the Brighton & Hove area to monitor planning applications which could offer opportunities to incorporate nesting spaces for Swifts and other at-risk urban species and encourage the local authority to press for inclusion of such measures in […]

RSPB Turtle Dove surveys

We are urgently looking for a couple of surveyors to carry out turtle dove surveys in Sussex. The 1km squares we still need to cover are: TQ1717, TQ1719 and TQ1921 (Adur Valley, north-west of Henfield) Survey details: Surveyors need to undertake two surveys during the breeding season (early May – late July), with a minimum […]

Hawfinches: request for information

Hawfinches: request for information I plan to write a short paper on the Hawfinch influx into Sussex during 2017/18 and would welcome any information, not yet in BirdTrack or published on popular social media sites, on the following: Large counts. Evidence of birds on active migration. Food other than hornbeam and yew seeds. Roosting behaviour […]

Nightingales in a Sussex Wood -BBC Radio

Thought members and others might be interested in the following: On the 7 May BBC from 00.30 to 03.30 Radio 3 will be broadcasting a Slow Radio experience – the sounds of Nightingales recorded in a Sussex wood this April. Four musicians spent the night in the woods responding musically to the sounds of nightingales […]

Website Migration – again…

…well not exactly again as it never happened last week, contrary to my previous post. There are still one or two issues I’d like to resolve before we do switch over to its new location but the actual timing of the change may be out of my control. So, as before, please be patient if […]

Migration – Website, not Avian

Over the next day or so this website will be moved from its current hosting space to a new provider. During that time you might experience some odd behaviour. Pictures in sightings or entire sightings might go missing. The site might disappear for a while. You might get a worrying-looking message telling you that the […]

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