Barn Owl talk Q&A


With apologies for the slight delay (my fault!), here are the answers to the questions not dealt with directly after the talk. Terry Hallahan has kindly provided the answers and in some cases he has invited individuals to contact him. His mobile number is 07768 506126.

 Mark Mallalieu


Are there similar groups for other owl species?  If not, why only barn owls?

Sussex Barn Owl Study Group (SBOSG) actively install boxes for Tawny and Little Owls, some other regional groups do likewise, although many focus only on Barn Owls. As you saw from the talk the Barn Owl population fell significantly in the 20th Century, hence the ‘focus’. Numbers are now slowly increasing thanks to box installs and sympathetic land management. This year SBOSG will continue its Barn Owl conservation activities along with plans to install circa 20 Little Owl boxes in East Sussex.


In an exposed pole box is there a danger of the chicks overheating?

I have never experienced chicks overheating in the scores of pole boxes I have visited. Pole boxes are abundant in Lincolnshire and the fens and are monitored annually and again no reports of chicks overheating.


How high does the box need to be?

3 metres or more. Most of our installs of tree boxes are 3-4m. Boxes in barns typically higher as usually fixed on beams.


Amazing Tim – did you want landowner space offerings or only with rangers to monitor?

 Please contact me (Terry) if you wish to find out more on monitoring and to clarify the question.


How do we request an owl box for our field? We are near Bramber Castle.

Please contact Terry.


We look after a large churchyard with lots of large trees and a wildlife area. We would love an owl box. Do you think it would be suitable?

Please contact Terry.


I missed the first part of the presentation. Can I view this as a video?

Visit the SOS website or see virtual talk videos, it is there.


Can their eyes be damaged by bright lights (I mountain bike at night and see owls but worry I’ve blinded them!)?

 Owls’ eyes are sensitive to bright lights but do not worry your mountain bike lights will not permanently damage their eyes


We have some pole-mounted boxes in our area but the boxes are all broken and ruined. Would you be interested in coming to replace them? Thanks, Sam.

Please call Terry to discuss.