SOS New Year Bird Race 2022


 January 2021 saw a pandemic-affected Race where it was only individuals or teams of two who could take part, and they had to stay local. However, 15 “teams” raised nearly £1200 through donations and sponsorship, and amassed a species list of 119. Living near one of the coastal hotspots was a major advantage, though the highest total, of 71, came from the Arun Valley, and was submitted by our Newsletter Editor!

With Christmas just around the corner, and with the hope that “normal” rules will apply in 2022, it is time to start thinking about organising teams and routes, and to twist a few arms to get sponsorship. Some members prefer to just give a personal donation, and several teams stick to a particular area, trying to better their previous year’s total, or to find new species for their patch. Whatever is organised the main aim of the Race is to enjoy it, have a great day’s birding and make a contribution to bird conservation in Sussex.

Here are the main rules for the Race:

  • it must be carried out on a single day in the first two weeks of January
  • you must confine yourself to within county boundary
  • teams should consist of at least 2 people
  • all members of the team should see or hear the species claimed, unless the team consists of 4 or more, in which case 3 must record the species

Good luck to everyone who takes up the challenge – I’m sure my team will be ready to trek the round the Henfield countryside once again, hopefully in a team of four rather than two teams of two!

The Race Pack for 2022 is available from Val Bentley on or ring 01273 494723.