Update on Outings and Bird Race under Tier 4 Guidance

Under the Covid restrictions which came into place on Boxing Day, the whole of Sussex is moved into Tier 4, with tight rules on travel and meeting, and though a review is due on 30th December, it looks unlikely that things will be relaxed then.  As I read the new guidance, we are meant to “stay at home” though can meet up with one other person in an outdoor public space providing social distancing is maintained, and we can take unlimited exercise. 

Unless things are relaxed on 30th December, as far as the planned limited outings for January are concerned, we’re sorry to say that these will need to be cancelled. 

With regard to the Bird Race, it looks as though two people can go out for a socially distanced walk for exercise, and record the birds while doing so.  So we’re setting you a “New Year Sussex Species Challenge”, so see how many different species can be seen on a single day by members (either on their own or with one other person) in Sussex in the first two weeks of January – choose a suitable day, send your list to me with an account of your day, and I’ll tot up the overall totals! The general rules will still apply, though obviously not those relating to the usual Teams of more than 2.  The  Race Pack containing a species checklist and sponsorship/donation forms is available from me at chetsford@talk21.com. Good luck if you are able to take part!