Sussex Bird Report 2018: correction

The society apologises for the incorrect headings in the table showing the results from the recent three seasons for the Sussex Winter Bird Survey in the 2018 Sussex Bird Report (pages 205-208). The three columns for each season should be headed:

Column 1 (% of squares): is the percentage of 1-km squares (to the nearest whole number) in which that species was recorded.

Column 2 (Av Enc/Occ Sq): is the average number of encounters to one decimal place that have been noted during both the early and late survey for any square in which that species was detected (please note this may be the same bird encountered in both the early and the late survey).

Column 3 (total encountered): represents the total encounters recorded of that species during SWBS for that winter period. In all cases, this represents the sum of the early survey plus the late survey and may include two recordings of the same bird.

An empty cell indicates the species was not recorded during either survey period for that specific winter.