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New Year Bird Race – latest

Now 18 Teams (surely a record?) have completed their Race, and the totals stand at

107  Ruff ‘n’ready (Tim Squire, Josh MacCallum Stewart)

97 The Martlets (Peter Plant, Hugh Horne, Peter Davis, Sophie May Lewis, Gary Trew)

96 Dynamic Duo (Elliot Chandler, John Thorogood)

96  Mike’s Mergansers (Mike English, Jan Jupp, Lesley Milward, Mike Russell, Charles Waters)

91 Wild Park Wanderers (Ben Benatt, Paul Cole, Peter Whitcomb)

91 Rolling Turnstones (Colin & Juliet Nicholson, Alan & Angie Locke)

89 Slow but Sure (Cliff Dean, Alan Parker et al)

88 Ryenecks (Bob Greenhalf, David Bentley, Kelvin Cawte, Pat Bonham)

81 Leisurely Gentlemen (Alan Perry, Joe Nobbs)

77 Treasurer’s Team (John Hall, Ted Merrikin, John Underwood)

73  The Great Twits (Chris Barfield, Nigel Barnes)

66 TQ01ers (Jackie,Pete, Alice, Mark & Linda)

64 Just the Two of Us (Brian Crawford & Kathleen Hutchinson)

57 Fab Four ( Val Bentley, Nigel Colgate, Will Green, Nigel Parsons)

56 Passing Passerines (Sarah Cooper, Alison Playle, Erica Hutchby, Sue Dennis)

55 West Weald Wanderers (Dave Burges, Paul Matson)

50 Adur Hobblers (Brian Clay, Chris Fox, Clive Hope, John Newnham)

38 The LBJs (Tim & Samuel Roberts)

Well done to all  and many congratulations to Josh and Tim on their success this year!