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New Year Bird Race

This really should be the final list from the (now) 17 teams who took part in the Bird Race this year:

123 Splash Pointers (Matt Eade, Derek Barber & Bob Self)

102 Team@SussexBirding (Lee Beadell & Alistair Gray)

101 Midhurst Martlets (Hugh Horne, Peter Davis, Peter Plant, Gary Trew)

94  Mike’s Mergansers (Jan Jupp, Lesley Milward, Mike English, Charles Waters & Mike Russell)

93 The Rolling Turnstones (Colin, Juliet, Alan & Angie)

93  Dynamic Duo (Elliot Dowding & John Thorogood)

91 Wild Park Wanderers (Ben Benatt, Paul Cole & Peter Whitcomb)

87  Dippers (Chris Barfield, Nigel Barnes & David Potter)

80  Treasurer’s Team (Ted Merrikin & John Underwood)

76  Explorer 123ers (Chris Bird & Pete Mantle)

75 Wealden Wings (Clare Buckle & Joanne Chattaway)

74 TQ01ers (Jackie, Linda, Mark, Pete & Alice)

69  Just the Two of us (Brian Crawford & Kathleen Hutchinson)

63 West Weald Wanderers (Paul Matson, Craig Welsby, Dave Burges)

58  The Passing Passerines (Penny, Alison, Sarah & Sue)

54  Henfield Fab Four (-1) ( Val Bentley, Nigel Colgate, & Nigel Parsons,  –Will Green)

40 The LBJ’s (Tim & Samuel  Roberts)


Several new teams went out this year, together with a goodly proportion of teams who have “raced” for many years, some of whom persuaded an extra member or two to join in.  I make it a total of 51 participants – brilliant!

Many thanks to all for their reports, which convey the sense of achievement and enjoyment from the day, whatever the weather.

And finally many congratulations to the Splash Pointers with their 123, which broke the long-standing record of 121 different species.