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08 Jun 2017 Knepp Estate

A good morning for turtle doves with probably 4 different birds purring from the 'Green Lane' through the southern block of the estate. Also a cuckoo and still plenty of bird song including garden warbler and lesser whitethroat.

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by Paul James
15 Jun 2017 Oystercatcher chicks   more...

Over 20 species along the Cuckmere estuary tonight. Highlight was a pair of oystercatchers with two chicks on the lagoon.

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by Martin kenward
15 Jun 2017 Red kites   more...

Two Red Kites spotted over Heathfield this morning, it was nice to enlighten an elderly couple who knew little about them!

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by Paul Waghorn
15 Jun 2017 Red Kite over Ardingly   more...

Mid-afternoon, one Red Kite heading slowly East over the 9-Acre playing field at Ardingly College.

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by James McCulloch
15 Jun 2017 Elegant Tern, Pagham   more...

A late start this morning and therefore not arriving at Church Norton until 1030. Settling down on the Inner Beach we enjoyed watching the Elegant Tern flying around the island for well over an hour. It frequently droppied down out of sight into the Sandwich Tern colony for short periods before setting of on one of its flying sorties. At around 11:50hrs it flew out towards Selsey Bill. We stayed on until 15:10 having no further sightings although enjoying the company of the assembled gallery. (Bernie Forbes & Dorian Mason).

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by Bernie Forbes
15 Jun 2017 Lapwing chicks   more...

At Westmead, Pulborough Brooks a brood of four lapwing chicks was a pleasing sight (pic attached) and there is yet another lapwing "sitting".

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson and Miou Helps
15 Jun 2017 Breeding Grey Wagtail   more...

A pair of these very handsome birds is nesting under the roof at Feathers. The Kestrels have (we think) at least three chicks in the church while the Swifts have also had a successful season so far.

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by Allan Roffey
11 Jun 2017 Eight Shelducklings on the Cuckmere river

Please see for images.

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by Peter Lovett
14 Jun 2017 Swifts/Common Buzzard

Mid afternoon I had 10 swifts and one common buzzard over my Horsham house, the swifts have been around for at least 3 weeks.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Chris Collins
14 Jun 2017 Ashdown Forest   more...

A brief walk around the top end of the Old Lodge today produced Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers still calling, with some collecting food for young. Adult and fledged Redstarts were quite plentiful and with Tree Pipits and a Woodlark (picture attached).

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Phillip Wells
14 Jun 2017 Southease towards Lewes along River Ouse   more...

Walked along the ditches from Southease and past Rodmell towards Lewes this afternoon looking for Variable Damselflies (and managed to see a few). Remembering Jamie's recent report of a rather unseasonal female Goosander, I fortunately took a look over the river bank just as it drifted up-river on the tide (photo attached). Other less usual birds seen included a Corn Bunting and two Oystercatchers. The only other sighting of note was an early and very smart-looking Dark Green Fritillary taking nectar from Creeping Thistle flowers.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Simon Linington
14 Jun 2017 Spotted flycatchers

Further to a previous sighting at Pashley Manor Garden, my wife and I watched a minimum of three birds in the area between the two ponds and discovered a nesting pair with young.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Mike Goddard
14 Jun 2017 Peregrines above Newhaven town centre   more...

While looking up at an elm in Newhaven town centre today, searching for white-letter hairstreak butterflies, I was distracted by a raptor, then a second, circling above some Swifts. I assumed they were Hobbies but they weren't dark enough and, on closer inspection I saw that they were Peregrines. A most pleasant and unexpected diversion! There weren't any white-letter hairstreaks, sadly.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Steven Teale
14 Jun 2017 Steyning Downs   more...

09.00 to 12.00 I walked from the Bostal to No Man's Land to behind Cissbury and back in a loop. Along the way skylarks' song was heard, whitethroats were common (12 pairs, some song, a good many fledglings), three singing male corn buntings (pic attached of one) and yellowhammers, three pairs of linnets, a lapwing fighting off a carrion crow, about six buzzards, a kestrel and two red kites quartering cut grass. Flowers along the footpaths included rosebay willowherb and viper's bugloss and seven species of butterflies included a ringlet and many small tortoiseshells.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
14 Jun 2017 The Burgh

A circular walk from Amberley station via Rackham Banks, The Burgh and North Stoke produced nothing exceptional but did include the heartening sight of at least four Lapwing chicks with four adults, as well as 7 Buzzards, 3 Red Kites, 1 Kestrel, 3 Red-legged Partridges and 5 Grey Partridges. There were at least 22 Whitethroats in the course of three hours on the Downs as well as 3 Lesser Whitethroats, 3 Blackcaps and 1 Willow Warbler. The number of singing Chaffinches was notable, while a half hour stop at the dewpond produced a steady stream of Linnets and Goldfinches coming to drink, totalling 40 and 25 respectively, though no doubt with double counting. Bunting numbers were less strong with only 2 Corn Buntings and a single Yellowhammer seen.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Martin Daniel
14 Jun 2017 Public event at the Booth Museum

I've been contacted by Dr Will Abberley, Senior Lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Sussex.

There is a free public event that is happening at Brighton's Booth Museum tomorrow evening (Thursday June 15th).

The event, 'Flying off the Page', is a public talk and book reading about birds in literature and culture. It ties in with a new exhibition on this subject, which has just opened at the Booth. Everyone is welcome at the event tomorrow but you need to book a place online. For more info click here.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Chris Brown
14 Jun 2017 Cuckoo on the Downs   more...

Heard a cuckoo on the Downs at Hogtrough Bottom, south of Falmer. I can't remember the last time I heard a June cuckoo on the Downs.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Charlie Bones
13 Jun 2017 Lavington Common

After the excitement of seeing the Elegant Tern at Church Norton this evening, I popped to Lavington Common in the hope of seeing Nightjar. Two were sighted around 21:30 with at least 4 churring. Also saw 4 Woodcock flying about and a distant Cuckoo was heard until darkness fell.

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by Stephen Webb
13 Jun 2017 Ouse Valley   more...

A flighty Goosander on the Ouse between Southease and Rodmell. Also a Hobby hunting over the brooks and a vocal Cuckoo.

Posted on 13 Jun 2017 by Jamie Wilkinson
13 Jun 2017 Church Norton   more...

Good views of the ELEGANT TERN at Church Norton along with the little and common terns as well. Also still chiffchaff, greenfinch, goldfinch, blackcap, blackbird and chaffinch singing on the way there. Then extremely delighted to see a turtle dove on telephone wire on way to Bracklesham Bay. No mistaking this bird. A very eventful day!!!

Posted on 13 Jun 2017 by Angela Colyer
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