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25 Jul 2017 Pulborough Brooks   more...

A lot more water on the Brooks after the recent rain, with West Mead quite full again. After a quick scan which produced nothing but Greylags, a more detailed look produced a pleasant surprise in the form of four Wood Sandpipers together; although I only saw three until they took off and disappeared into the distance going South. A Hobby was hawking dragonflies at Winpenny seemed to be quite successful as it was often seen in the talons to bill posture. Young Chiffchaff, Whitethroats, Lesser Whitethroats, Blackcaps, Great Spotted and Green Woodpeckers could be found around the trail, and a Green Sandpiper was in front of Little Hanger hide. At least 14 species of butterflies, including Clouded Yellow and Silve-washed Fritillary.

Posted on 25 Jul 2017 by Gary Trew
25 Jul 2017 White Storks at Knepp   more...

Please take a look at this webpage to learn more about the White Stork reintroduction project: Knepp is proud to be partners with Warsaw Zoo, Cotswold Wildlife Park and a cohort of private landowners across the south-east of England in this project to re-establish this wonderful, charismatic bird. The White Stork enclosure at Knepp is not on a footpath and they are easily disturbed, so with this in mind if you would like to know more please contact us.

Posted on 25 Jul 2017 by Knepp Estate
25 Jul 2017 Congregation of feeding Swifts   more...

Huge congregation of between 70 and 80 Swifts feeding over the tops of the Downs at Balsdean at noon today. No image as I was on horseback. 

Posted on 25 Jul 2017 by Bob Webzell
25 Jul 2017 Cuckmere - Black Kite   more...

10.30 this morning - seen drifting into the NE wind fairly low and went out of sight into a cut meadow behind some reeds just south of Charleston reed beds

Posted on 25 Jul 2017 by Alan Snelling
24 Jul 2017 Adur Estuary

A whimbrel and greenshank by the Toll Bridge this evening

Posted on 24 Jul 2017 by Chris Corrigan
24 Jul 2017 Newhaven Harbour   more...

A juvenile Yellow-legged Gull on west beach this evening.

Posted on 24 Jul 2017 by Matt Eade
24 Jul 2017 Arun south of Arundel

At least 16 Common Sandpipers on the first mile and a half of the Arun to the south of Arundel in the late morning, as well as 5 Lapwings and 2 Oystercatchers. Also one Mediterranean Gull among the growing gull loaf with 290 Herring Gulls and 130 Black-headed Gulls. Passerines scarce in the wind apart from a handful of Reed Warblers, Sedge Warblers and Reed Buntings flitting away from the pathside vegetation, as well as good numbers of Linnets in family parties.

Posted on 24 Jul 2017 by Martin Daniel
24 Jul 2017 Cuckmere Haven

I took a walk around Cuckmere Haven this morning, just escaping the showers where I saw 5 Common Sandpipers and 1 Black-tailed Godwit. Then opposite Coastguards Cottages I saw 2 Lesser Whitethroats, 8 Common Whitethroats and a Nightingale - plenty of Sand Martins and Swifts seen.

Posted on 24 Jul 2017 by Phillip Wells
24 Jul 2017 Bewl Water   more...

Highlights from a rainy Bewl Water include 10 Little Egrets (some may be duplicates) 1 Greenshank, 5 Common Sandpipers,2 Egyptian Geese, goodish numbers of Great Crested Grebes. Poor fare though considering the size of the res. It's the largest in the SE. The hide overlooking the NR is still closed (1.5 years on!)

Posted on 24 Jul 2017 by Malcolm Freeman
23 Jul 2017 White stork at Knepp

Whilst butterfly spotting at Knepp this morning a White Stork was (thought to be an escapee) was seen circling closely overhead. 

Posted on 23 Jul 2017 by Barrie and Lynda
23 Jul 2017 Whitbread Hollow, Beachy Head

Autumn migrants this morning included Grasshopper Warbler 4 (all juvs, 2 yellow, 2 greyish morphs), Reed Warbler 5, Garden Warbler 1 (they did not breed this year) and Willow Warbler 10.

Posted on 23 Jul 2017 by Bob Edgar
23 Jul 2017 Welcome the wonderful whinchat!   more...

In the "whinchat-dip" along Monarch's Way just N of Cissbury Ring, were, in a sea of tawny-coloured wheat, five juv stonechats and one male whinchat (pic of him attached). Along the path here were some whitethroats, a blue tit, a willow warbler and single yellowhammer, greenfinch and linnet. Raptors were red kite, kestrel and buzzard and some 50 swifts were aloft and skylarks singing.

Posted on 23 Jul 2017 by Alan Kitson and Miou Helps
21 Jul 2017 Polegate to Seaford   more...

From Polegate to Folkington juveniles of Blue Tit, Great Tit and Goldfinch. Also a quiet Chiffchaff, a Treecreeper on a Plane tree, and a male Bullfinch calling loudly from the top of an Ash. Down to Lullington Heath a pair of Kestrels in the valley to the right and also a Hobby briefly. Quiet in Friston Forest apart from the alarm calls of Green Woodpecker and Blackcap. On the Cuckmere river 13 Common Sandpipers and 1 Dunlin. Also a Canada x Barnacle Goose Hybrid swimming up river in the company of the local Canada Geese. At Cuckmere Haven some 30 Curlews, 1 Whimbrel, 1 Oystercatcher, and 1 Greenshank. At Hope Bottom 1 adult and 1 juvenile Stonechat, a pair of Rock Pipits and on the fence line by the sheep field a juvenile Wheatear. An adult male Stonechat was by the golf course and finally at Splash Point the cacophony of Kittiwakes and their young finished the walk nicely.

Posted on 22 Jul 2017 by Adrian West
21 Jul 2017 Turtle doves   more...

Two turtle doves on a telegraph wire (location withheld, sorry - Ed).

Posted on 22 Jul 2017 by paul conroy
22 Jul 2017 Pulborough today   more...

An early morning walk to the Brooks and back from home started with a Common Sandpiper over calling. As I approached the gate where the footpath begins to cross the RSPB reserve proper I heard a Kingfisher call and Stonechat flew across the path. From the Hanger I found 5 Black-tailed Godwits, 4 Redshanks, 2 Green Sandpipers, 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Little Egret and 2 Shoveler.

Posted on 22 Jul 2017 by Matt Phelps
21 Jul 2017 Pulborough Brooks

Little Egret, 5 Black-tailed Godwits and at least 40 Lapwing on the North Brooks this evening, scoped from home.

Posted on 22 Jul 2017 by Matt Phelps
25 Jun 2017 Gull hybrid?   more...

This is late because I have been puzzling over it. I saw this gull alone on the shingle opposite Marine Drive West in Bognor Regis. At first I was struck by its isolation from other gulls. Secondly I noticed that its legs and beak were unusually dark. Yesterday I had another look at the picture and realised that it has the head of a Mediterranean Gull and the primary feathers of a Black-headed Gull. So I began to wonder is it a hybrid. Would that not solve all the questions including the isolation?

Posted on 22 Jul 2017 by Peter Edmonds
21 Jul 2017 RSPB Broadwater Warren   more...

We have a couple of family events coming up at Broadwater Warren over the summer with a family wildlife ramble on Saturday the 29th July and our 10 year anniversary event on Saturday 19th August. If you are inter ested in coming along to have a look at some of the wildlife that calls the nature reserve home please check out our website It's a quiet time of year for birds but kingfisher and grey wagtails have been seen on the pond in the last week and several woodlark families have been seen feeding on the paths. We also recorded over 50 species of birds in one day including picking up redstart on our bioblitz a few weeks back.

Posted on 21 Jul 2017 by Matt Twydell (RSPB Warden)
19 Jul 2017 Yellowhammers

Whilst waiting to film the Bluebell train go past me at Horsted Keynes, I managed to locate the two singing Yellowhammers the other side of a small field.

Posted on 21 Jul 2017 by Yvonne Taylor
21 Jul 2017 Little and Large!   more...

At Waltham Brooks this morning the massive great black-backed gull on its perch, while beside it on the water was a lesser black-backed gull (pic attached, showing both and some purple loosestrife).

Posted on 21 Jul 2017 by Alan Kitson
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