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26 Jul 2016 Fishbourne Creek

Spent three hours around the creek at low tide today. Amongst all the Carrion Crows (about 100) and Mute Swans (130) there were only a few waders - one each of Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Greenshank and Whimbrel, plus a few Black-tailed Godwits and the usual Curlews, Oystercatchers and Redshanks. Six species of gulls included around 50 Mediterranean and a few Yellow-legged.

Posted on 26 Jul 2016 by Chris Barfield
26 Jul 2016 Osprey at Bewl Water   more...

An osprey watched for half an hour from 4pm from the visitor area, it dived several times but wasn't seen to catch anything.

Posted on 26 Jul 2016 by John Martin
24 Jul 2016 Osprey - Weir Wood

I note the previous sighting of the Osprey at Weir Wood on 24/07/16. At approx. 9.30am I popped into the hide area and I thought I saw a Osprey in the distant thermals going away from the reservoir. I only had a pair of 8 x 32's and therefore could not be definitive. However there was Buzzards in the air so could compare sizes. So put it down to a possible. I am pleased to see that one was seen later in the morning. Maybe not a possible in the end! Other sightings of note Marsh Tit, Garden Warbler, Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps, Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer and 3 Buzzards. Also 31 Great Crested Grebes on the reservoir.

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 by D Madgin
25 Jul 2016 Breech Pool, Pagham Harbour   more...

At low tide today were 23 black-tailed godwits, two teal, one redshank, one adult spotted redshank virtually into winter plumage now and one gadwall (pic attached of the latter two). (Gadwall this season is strangely lacking at Pulborough and Waltham).

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 by Alan Kitson
25 Jul 2016 Wow, just look at those legs!   more...

Salt House, Pagham Harbour this morning and one adult yellow-legged gull preening, standing among black-headed gulls at say 120 m range (pic attached). About four others seen, far out on the saltings. (I thank Liam Curson here for his comments re another gull below). Also here today some seven whimbrel and a greenshank.

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 by Alan Kitson
24 Jul 2016 Weir Wood

Osprey reported at the West end on Sunday at 11:15, after catching a fish it flew off towards Admiral Wood. Up to 6 Little Egrets and 2 Common Sandpipers have been showing on the dam.

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 by Alastair Gray
25 Jul 2016 Cattle Egret   more...

A Cattle Egret in the Lower Cuckmere between 08.30 - 09.45 when it flew strongly W. Pictures on my blog.

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 by Matt Eade
25 Jul 2016 Black kite   more...

Black kite seen hovering over the A259 while driving through Guestling Thorn.

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 by Dick Donovan
25 Jul 2016 Cuckmere Haven

Big thanks to Matt this morning for the Cattle Egret in Cuckmere Haven - I did get a flight shot but even by my standards it was terrible so I won't be sharing it.

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 by Phillip Wells
24 Jul 2016 Crane

Crane seen soaring over A21 3 miles north of Battle his afternoon at around 3pm. Wonderful sight.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by mark jones
24 Jul 2016 Bird not of a feather flocking together?   more...

A stroll from Haywards Heath produced a couple of Yellowhammers and a couple of Buzzards. It was a quiet day but as I was walking from Staplefield to Balcombe it was suddenly like Spring again. In two trees alone I saw 2 Treecreepers chasing each other up a tree trunk, 1 Spotted Flycatcher, 1 Nuthatch, 1 female Blackcap, and 1 Willow Warbler. Further on a pair of Red Kites circled overhead.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by Adrian West
24 Jul 2016 Alan's contaminated Gull

In regards to Alan Kitson's oil-stained Gull, I think it might not be a Herring. It appears to show uniformly dark tertials, without any chequering and with thin white fringes. It also looks rather heavyset, thick billed and with a contrastingly pale head (it might even show a dark eye mask, but that could be oiling). I wouldn't say for certain based on this photo, but to me it looks decent for first-winter Yellow-legged Gull. First-winter Lesser Black-back might show similarly coloured tertials, but I'd also expect that to show a slimmer build and longer wing projection.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by Liam Curson
24 Jul 2016 Arundel WWT   more...

Pleasantly varied day, with 61 bird species and plenty of insects. A juvenile Mediterranean Gull flew down the Arun. Shelduck pair with two youngsters. At least three Tufted Duck broods. Cetti's Warblers largely silent, but one male was vocal enough to get a faecal sample; two sets of fledglings still being fed. Still plenty of other passerines nest building including Reed Warblers and Sedge Warblers, but with many species entering moult, it had an 'end of season' feel.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by David Harper
24 Jul 2016 Contaminated gull   more...

Two days ago (22nd) at Pagham Harbour (NE corner), a juv large gull that I took to be a herring gull since it was close to an adult such, was apparently heavily contaminated as my picture shows.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by Alan Kitson
24 Jul 2016 West Mead, Pulborough Brooks   more...

Yesterday morning 07.45 - 08.45 on view were five shoveler, their big bills for ever below the waterline (pic attached of three), two teal, four greenshank, seven green sandpipers, three redshank, two little ringed plover and six lapwing, all disturbed on occasion by a fly-around peregrine. Today there was less with, for me, just six green sandpipers, two greenshank and one redshank and there were four little ringed plovers visible at vast range on the south brooks.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by Alan Kitson
24 Jul 2016 Red kite   more...

Seen from our garden soaring over adjacent farmland.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by Annabel Groom
23 Jul 2016 Diamond Dove   more...

Tim Jury has sent me a photo of this Diamond Dove frequenting his farmyard at Pickham, Pett.

Posted on 24 Jul 2016 by Cliff Dean
22 Jul 2016 Waltham Brooks   more...

A Barn Owl hunting successfully amongst the Koniks from 20.30 onwards. It found 2 voles which it very purposely flew off with each time to presumably feed young (I guess the Koniks were just too big to get into the nestbox). Also 12 Lapwings in various stages of post breeding moult and about 6 Green Sandpipers scurrying around in the mud. A Water Rail made a brief appearance and 2 young dark Fallow deer were browsing by the lakeside. Earlier on in the day I had a lone Raven spiralling high up over the garden.

Posted on 23 Jul 2016 by Mark McManus
22 Jul 2016 Waltham Hobby

Adult hobby hunting at Waltham brooks at approx. 2.50pm today, seen to take dragonfly, we also saw two kingfishers. Only caught up with the one green sandpiper though, but pleasant stroll in the time we had to spare.

Posted on 22 Jul 2016 by Gareth & Roy Hughes
22 Jul 2016 Waders at Pulborough today

At West Mead, Pulborough Brooks this morning ten Green (perhaps those Alan saw yesterday at Waltham re-locating)and one Wood Sandpiper, a Little Ringed Plover, a Black-tailed Godwit, three Greenshanks and (later) two Redshanks plus up to 20 Lapwings. Later I stopped by Waltham Brooks and saw just four Green Sandpipers there.

Posted on 22 Jul 2016 by Clive Hope
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