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01 Sep 2014 Role reversal   more...

Unusual sight over by street in Brighton this lunchtime. Around half a dozen starlings chasing a sparrowhawk, it's usually the other way around I thought.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Martin Burns
31 Aug 2014 Winchats

At least 6 Whinchats on Rye Golf Course on Sunday, near the harbour masters building.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Jamie Medford
01 Sep 2014 Latest SOSRC Decisions

The latest Sussex record decisions (updated August 31st 2014) from the SOSRC and BBRC are available in the Records section of the site.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Chris Brown
31 Aug 2014 Thorney Deeps   more...

One adult female Osprey perched on a fence post on the east side of the Great Deep during the high tide period.Other birds of note at Thorney Deeps included 2 Mediterranean Gulls in amongst c2000 Black-headed Gulls hawking for flying ants,10 Whinchat,5 Yellow Wagtails,4 Wheatears,1 Redstart,600 Swallows,3 Buzzard,female Sparrowhawk,3 Kestrel,70 Greenshank and 80 Black-tailed Godwit. We also had a record count of 28 Seals hauled up on the mudflats off the southern end of Thorney Island. (Barry and Margaret Collins)

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Barry Collins
31 Aug 2014 Arundel WWT   more...

Great views of a Great white egret for most of the afternoon on the scrape areas, pic attached. One hundred hirundines, mainly Sand martins hawking and inspecting the Sand martin hide. A Sparrowhawk also took note of the Sand martins, taking one in the early morning and a very close flyby later in the day. A Kingfisher was also perching briefly in front of the hide later in the day. One Common Sandpiper from the Ramsar hide.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Paul Stevens
01 Sep 2014 Climping   more...

A modest morning on the patch but one or two things to keep interest levels high. An Osprey meandering along the coast westwards at 9.47 was nice as were the 120 or so Yellow wagtails also moving west. Other notable birds were; three Redstart, a Pied Flycatcher, four Spotted Flycatchers, Whinchat, Grey Wagtail and Swift. Good numbers of Willow Warblers and Blackcaps.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Richard Pulley
31 Aug 2014 Honey Buzzard or Common Buzzard?   more...

Not renowned for my wild optimism but have to confess that yesterday’s ‘Honey Buzzard’ on the Pevensey Levels now looks much more like a juvenile Common Buzzard with a longer, slimmer neck and tail in flight (hence the confusion). I walked back across to New Bridge yesterday evening and lo and behold, another ‘Buzzard’ sighting in mid-Levels but this time more obviously a juvenile BZ … and most probably the same bird. As some compensation, a pair of Hobbies were chasing hirundines just NE of New Bridge, a Sparrowhawk flew low over the ditches west of the cottage and a Kestrel hovered just over the Hurst Haven ditch to the south-east. A Peregrine also flew over earlier and made a half-hearted attempt to down a Wood Pigeon. Also a pair of imm. Whinchats on ditch-side reeds along the single-track Rickney road and a Cetti’s Warbler called at dusk from the bridleway ditch some 250m away (having not heard one at all earlier in the day). There were many Swallows, Sand Martins and a few House Martins gathering over the meadows towards the Church at dusk and I had one of those memorable birding moments over the maize field next to the Church – what must have been hundreds of twittering Swallows and Martins passed invisibly overhead in semi-darkness and then loads more (mostly Swallows) came whizzing past me at head height just over the top of the maize stems. In the churchyard, a Kestrel flew on to a ledge in the church wall right above my head while I was checking out the bats and a young Tawny Owl was calling in the wood near my plot ....

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Mike Mullis
31 Aug 2014 yellow wagtails etc   more...

Walking from Bo-Peep Hill to Arlington yesterday, 20-30 Yellow Wagtails on a rape stubble field, with 60+ linnets. Also a single swift above Arlington, with huge quantities of migrating hirundines, mostly swallows with a few house martins, and no sand martins seen.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by Dan Lupton
31 Aug 2014 Selsey Peninsula   more...

There was a huge movement of birds onto and over the peninsula today. Best birds were 2 Pied Flycatchers (pic of one attached), but there were dozens of Wheatears and Yellow Wagtails along with many Redstarts, Whinchats, Spotted Flycatchers and warblers, plus many thousands of hirundines. Full details of a busy day on the Selsey Birder blog.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 by andrew house
31 Aug 2014 Local Birding   more...

An afternoon walk from Woldhurst, Runcton Lane,Runcton to Marsh Farm this afternoon turned out to be really rewarding with the best numbers of Yellow Wagtails and Wheatears in one field all at once I have seen for a long time. A newly seed prepared field just past Summer Place had at least 16 Yellow Wagtails and at least 9 Wheatears...possibly more of both. Further up the lane towards Marsh Farm were 5 Whinchats. But a thing I have never seen before was a Swallow repeatedly chasing the Wheatears very close and for several times and for some distance, reminiscent of the Skuas chasing Terns !

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Christopher Newton
30 Aug 2014 Starlings gathering in the Climping area West Sussex   more...

Yesterday a hundred or more Starlings were flying around the roads, off Horsemere Green Lane, Climping, West Sussex at 1800 hrs. Twenty to Thirty have regularly been seen during the week in the same area. Also twenty Starlings flying around the mouth of the River Arun, Littlehampton at 1700hrs today, Sunday 31st August.

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Mavis Hortin
31 Aug 2014 Peregrine over Ashington   more...

A very unexpected sight at about 2.20 pm was a Peregrine circling (fairly low) over Ashington Church, to the consternation of some nearby House Martins

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Andrew Armitage
31 Aug 2014 Whitethroat

A Whitethroat(a first for our garden )passing through our Southwick garden this evening, feeding up for the journey south, and outwitting the neighbours cat who was stalking it!

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Dave Smith
31 Aug 2014 Marsh harriers and garganeys   more...

About midday at the Burgh two marsh harriers - the 2nd year male and juv seen on 17th at Chantry Hill and exactly here, with a second juv, on 2nd August and this evening, at Waltham Brooks four garganey out in the open, all with burnished chests, patterned faces, white chins and long, dark, pale fringed tertials (pic of three attached).Also here some 20 shovelers mostly zoomong to and fro, their heads under water.

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Alan Kitson
31 Aug 2014 Wheatears

3 Wheatears along The Monarchs Way at Beeding Hill flitting along the fence posts.

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Carol Stanbridge
31 Aug 2014 Seaford Head

The Barn car park at 3.20pm, Osprey flying low westward.

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Terry Priest
31 Aug 2014 Pevensey Levels   more...

A steady trickle of migrants on my regular Herstmonceux Castle – Hurst Haven – Herstmonceux Church circuit this morning. Mostly hirundines in the shape of Swallows and the occasional House and Sand Martin but also a Willow Warbler and two Lesser Whitethroats in ditch-side thorn bushes, plus a young Sedge Warbler and a number of juvenile Reed Warblers in the ditches. Two, possibly three (although I heard four) Kingfishers along different ditches and several Yellow Wagtails around a herd of cattle midway across. Two overhead Snipe calling just south of the Castle then the star bird near the Hurst Haven ditch: a Honey Buzzard soaring and flapping its way south, and hopefully just out of range of a jet-propelled remote-controlled aircraft from the field just north of Horse Eye Level … which was probably what put it up in the first place.

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Mike Mullis
31 Aug 2014 Beachy flycatcher

A shy Pied Flycatcher was showing on and off at the eastern edge of Chat Vale this morning. Tony Cook

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Tony Cook
31 Aug 2014 Spotted Flycatchers, Salehurst   more...

After an absence of a decade as a breeding bird here and in a year in which I had given up on them, a pair of Spotted Flycatchers feeding 3 fledgings here at Silver Hill, Salehurst this afternoon. They used to nest on open boxes on the house. This pair chose to nest in a natural location. Elsewhere, a pair of Buzzards have reared 2 young this year in our wood. The flycatchers though have made my day.

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by martin mallett
31 Aug 2014 Waders   more...

So waders are starting to accumulate up in Chichester Harbour . A flock of 150 oystercatchers and about 100 ringed plover on Eleanore's Point this afternoon with 3 greenshank feeding in the mud channels an hour or two before high water. c6 whitethroat around and a stream stream of swallows moving through.

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Guy Michelmore
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