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06 May 2016 Southwick Hill   more...

Today at 12.50pm there was a Red Kite over Southwick Hill over the field to the south west corner. On the 14th April this year I reported seeing a Red Kite in the same position.

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Cyril Leeves
06 May 2016 Sea-watch at Beachy Head

Another Pom day, full details can be seen here:

Posted on 06 May 2016 by John and Doreen Cooper
06 May 2016 Red Kite, Med Gulls, Hobbies and more   more...

I was pottering about in the garden (Storrington) when I heard a Crow alarm-call as they do when they spot a Sparrowhawk. The raptor turned out to be a Red Kite, foraging over the southern edge of the village (and directly over my back garden). I didn't have my bins with me but it seemed that this bird had the two inner primary feathers missing in both wings and therefore was probably the same kite I saw and posted a few days ago. Mary and I decided to do one of our regular walks across the Parham Estate and round Rackham Woods. We had a male Sparrowhawk fly across us in Parham (again alarm calling alerted me, this time Jackdaw helped out). Looking across Amberley Wildbrooks there were at least 3 Hobbies hawking insects, 6-8 different Buzzards, 4 adult Mediterranean Gulls feeding in the same field as a herd of black Fallow, a Red Kite foraging just 12-15 feet up, and then a Cuckoo called a few times. Total Buzzard count for the walk was 12-14. 

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Martin & Mary Kalaher
06 May 2016 Hen Harrier near Steyning   more...

Adult male Hen Harrier flew from fence above bridleway down into the combe. Dark wing tips and white upper tail band seen clearly from above. Same bird seen in similar location five days earlier, but less confident sighting.

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Mike Dillamore
06 May 2016 Weir Wood

At least 6 Common Sandpipers around the Reservoir this afternoon. Three Reed Warblers and 3 Garden Warblers were also seen.

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Alastair Gray
06 May 2016 Swifts

Sitting in the sun in my garden at Badgers Copse, Seaford at 4.00 pm when three swifts flew backwards and forwards over our garden. I like to think they were from the Gironde in France following the earlier posting!

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Gillian Richards
06 May 2016 Shoreham West Arm   more...

Highlights of a short (08.00-09.30) seawatch from the end of the West Arm were 3 Pomarine Skuas at 08.18, and, more surprisingly, a Great White Egret east at 09.25. A distant Porpoise was a bonus.

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Dave Sadler
01 May 2016 "Snake Falcon"!   more...

Whilst wandering around Ashdown Forest (from Long car park) I spotted a bird carrying something. Through the bins it revealed itself to be a Kestrel, and it was carrying a silvery slow-worm back home. By the time I got the camera to it, it was only just in range, but pic is attached. Seems an unusual catch, but worth the effort.

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Yvonne Taylor
02 May 2016 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

On a woodland walk near my home town of Burgess Hill I was thrilled to see a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. This is a "lifer" for me!

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Pearl Carter
06 May 2016 Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Temminck's and Little Stints and Sanderling coming into breeding plumage on pools north of Ternery Pool. Also Little Gull, 10 Greeenshank, and many Bar-tailed Godwits and Grey Plover in breeding plumage. Plus the usual.

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Barry Yates
06 May 2016 Skuared at last!   more...

From Widewater beach a close light-phase Arctic skua at 08.13 and, rather further out, four pomarine skuas at 09.39, all going east. Also seen a flock of 30 common scoter and a few waders (whimbrel, bar-tailed godwit and sanderling) while a Sandwich tern struggled to stabalise on a bouy (pic attached).

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Alan Kitson
05 May 2016 Iberian Chiffchaff   more...

Iberian Chiffchaff at Silver Lane, Bishopstone yesterday at 8.15am - apologies to all for late news but horrendous problems encountered in house move left us with communication (and other) challenges. No sign late yesterday or early today. Chiffchaff, Chiffchaff, Chiffchaff, Chu, Chu, Chu-Chu - Si, Si, Si, Si !!!

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Terry Hallahan
05 May 2016 Pond Lye, Ansty   more...

Two common terns fishing (successfully) from the water as well as two great crested grebes. Disappointed that the recent 'conservation' work on the site has removed much of the damp scrub and mature hedgerows, hence none of the usual whitethroats/lesser whitethroats, not to mention nightingales, that have bred on site previously.

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Tom Flower
05 May 2016 Ardingly and Ansty   more...

Arriving at Ardingly College at 8am, I just spotted a Hobby circling above the school. I got out of the car and a second one joined it before heading off north. Early afternoon I counted 3 pairs of Swifts, one more than last year. Eighteen was the high count for House Martins. Driving to Hurstpierpoint I looked out of the window into some fields just west of Ansty and I saw my first Grey Partridges - at least 3 of them!

Posted on 06 May 2016 by James McCulloch
04 May 2016 Spring Cuckoo arrived   more...

The annual cuckoo has arrived near the quarry at Downland Avenue, Peacehaven on the west side of the Newhaven golf course. One arrives without fail each year (for at least the last 21 years). This year's is particularly vociferous and has been calling through most of today and yesterday. He is slowly moving north through the trees onto the South Downs National Park.

Posted on 05 May 2016 by Michele Sanders
05 May 2016 Pom Day!!   more...

Splash Point, Seaford - A total of 58 Pomarine Skuas between 05.15-19.45 today. Other totals on my blog.

Posted on 05 May 2016 by Matt Eade
05 May 2016 Swifts over America   more...

Some of the 1000's of Swifts from the Continent would appear to have arrived over America Lane, Haywards Heath and the Scrase Valley. 30+ were filling the air at 18.45 this evening.

Posted on 05 May 2016 by Colin Brand
05 May 2016 Spring in Sussex

A trip to Splash Point today proved exceptionally fruitful, with both the weather and wind in our favour. On site at 09:15 until 11:15, we were lucky enough to see 3 light-phase Pomarine Skuas at very close range at 10:15, apparently part of a movement of at least 45 today! Also noted were 3 Arctic Skuas, 3 Black-throated Divers and 2 Eiders along with many Whimbrels, Little Terns, Common Scoters and Brent Geese. We then headed to Woods Mill, in search of Turtle Doves that had been reported there within the last week. Despite having no joy, we managed a host of other birds including 3 Nightingales, a Cuckoo and at least 15 Whitethroats. Content with our earlier Oriental Turtle Dove in Kent, we called it a day after an hour's recce.

Posted on 05 May 2016 by Edward Stubbs
05 May 2016 A tail to tell   more...

Not normally successful taking shots of swifts, swallows etc so was even more amazed when I zoomed in to find one of the tail streamers missing on this bird taken near Ifield Wood, Crawley.

Posted on 05 May 2016 by david long
05 May 2016 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker etc   more...

Two days ago Mary and I were taking a stroll on the outskirts of Storrington when she stopped to listen to a woodpecker drumming. It is many years since I have heard one but I had no doubt that it was a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. We have heard one drumming in that area before. We tried to get closer without falling foul of the law of trespassing but to no avail, and then I heard a single episode of a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming and also the cackle of a Green Woodpecker. Three species of woodpecker in 10 minutes. It's probably 30 years since I managed that. Some of the local Starlings have fledged and a few spent the day in our garden. Sadly, I can report the demise of our Long-tailed Tit's nest. It happened this morning, with the culprit not the Magpies (which I thought was going to be the case) but the latest addition to the moggie brigade where I live. I am amazed that it worked its way through the Berberis and then clawed the nest to destruction.

Posted on 05 May 2016 by Martin Kalaher
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