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Your Sussex, Your Birds – Leave a Gift in Your Will to Help Them

The SOS funds the construction of Barn Owl boxes, such as this one near Seaford. About 90% of Barn Owls nest in man-made nest boxes.  © Terry Hallahan


How Your Gift Will Be Used

Since we were founded in 1962, the SOS has made grants totalling over £400,000. These have helped purchase new nature reserves and additions of land to current reserves. It can be helpful if national organisations can show evidence of support for such purchases from the local bird club, such as the SOS, as that can make it easier for them to attract funds from other sources.

The SOS has also made numerous grants to help improve current nature reserves in Sussex, such as funding the creation of new scrapes, restoring wetland habitat for breeding birds, repairing ponds and funding new bird hides. With so much of Sussex under ever increasing development pressure, it becomes even more important that the reserves where birds are protected are kept in the very best condition, and this is where the SOS is able to help.

However, our grants don’t go just to the organisations running the county’s reserves. The SOS has also paid for numerous bird boxes, contributed to the cost of bird surveys (such as BTO’s Bird Atlas) and funded a school bird project.

Your gift, however big or small, will help us continue to give grants that make things better for our birds. What better thing can you do than to leave a gift that you know will be spent on helping birds in Sussex?

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