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Cetti’s warbler records requested

There is a Sussex-only breeding Cetti’s warbler survey running this year, aiming to update our understanding of the distribution of breeding Cetti’s warblers in Sussex, to enable the calculation of a county population estimate, and to provide information on the habitat preferences of breeding Cetti’s warblers in Sussex. The survey mainly involves visits by volunteers to tetrads where birds have been recorded previously or where they are known to occur or where there is potentially suitable habitat.

Casual records of singing males anywhere in Sussex are also being collected to supplement the tetrad surveys. These records should include dates and precise grid references, and ideally should include information about habitat using the categories listed below and also listed on the casual record form available here.

Reed-bed (Phragmites-dominated) (1)
Other reed-swamp (>0.6m tall with Typha) (2)
Fen/marsh (<0.6m tall with rushes/sedges) (3)
Dense/continuous scrub (4)
Scattered scrub in reed-bed (5)
Scattered scrub in reed-swamp (6)
Scattered scrub in fen/marsh (7)
Scattered scrub by open water (8)
Carr/wet woodland (9)
Wet ditch with reed margin (10)
Scrub/hedge beside wet ditch (11)
Scrub/hedge beside river (12)
Hedgerow (not beside wet ditch) (13)
Other (please specify) (14)

Please contact Helen Crabtree at or on 01444 441687 to provide records, or if you would like to volunteer to take part by surveying a tetrad, or if you have questions or comments or would like further information.