Lewes, Swifts and Michael Blencowe on BBC Countryfile

Congratulations to SOS member Michael Blencowe from Sussex Wildlife Trust for being featured on Countryfile on BBC1 on Sunday 5th March 2017, highlighting the Lewes Swift Supporters group. This group have come together to improve the nesting areas for Swifts in Lewes.

Lewes has had a good 10% of the County’s nesting colonies in past years, but numbers have dropped considerably due to roof alterations and fitting of plastic soffits. The fantastic sound of Swifts screaming in groups during their breeding cycle, which echoes through the streets in Lewes during June and July is the real sound of summer.

Through 2016 members of this group recorded existing nesting places so that this year Swift Boxes will be put up as near to the existing colonies as possible. A calling system can also be fitted alongside the box which attracts the attention of these birds when they arrive back at the end of May.

The Tourist Information window beside the Town Hall will be used as an advertisement for all things Swift-related during the last week in April, to inform members of the public about the life of Swifts and to encourage them to put up more boxes.

Audrey Wende: swifts@sos.org.uk