Online Membership and Shop Pages

We would like to welcome current and prospective new members of the Society to our online membership and enhanced online shop pages.

We really appreciate the loyalty of our membership for continuing their annual subscriptions. After taking account of our costs the remainder is available for deserving projects for the protection and conservation of the Birds of Sussex. We are very grateful for all donations and legacies.

Our particular thanks go to members who renew their membership by standing orders. However, we know several of you prefer to use cheques, which of course is fine, but due to the closure of many local banks makes it more difficult for the Treasurer to pay them into our account. We would like to encourage both existing and new members to use our new online membership facility.

In the future the Society will move over gradually to an online membership database which will handle everything. Please give it a go and you will be surprised how easy it is to carry out your renewal via the website.


View the online membership guide


And if you haven’t yet renewed your subscription for 2022, please do so as soon as possible!