SOS YouTube channel

We are delighted to launch this new service from the SOS.

The first video is, very appropriately, about the SOS emblem, the Stonechat. To help you through lockdown, Clare Buckle, Secretary to the SOS Scientific Committee and an accomplished artist and teacher of art, has very generously created this video showing you how to draw and colour this showy little character of Sussex’s heathland.

We have also added recordings of all the talks given at the SOS 2021 Conference, so you can catch up on them if you were not able to watch them at the time. A huge thank you again to Samantha, Simon, Niki, Mya and Nadia, our guest speakers, for their brilliant presentations; to Tim Squire for organising the two days of talks; to Michael Blencowe of the Sussex Wildlife Trust for his extensive help; and to Alan and Adrian for acting as our hosts.

The other video you can watch now on the YouTube channel is a short one of Hawfinches in East Sussex. If you can contribute videos on Sussex birds: interesting clips from your garden or local area; advice on finding, photographing or drawing birds; or anything else that would be of interest to our members, do let us know at

More SOS talks are coming up soon, see here. If you would like to give a talk, we’d love to hear from you. Please tell us if you have requests for further talks or for question and answer sessions on specific topics. Contact us at the same email address.