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Hawfinches: request for information

Hawfinches: request for information

I plan to write a short paper on the Hawfinch influx into Sussex during 2017/18 and would welcome any information, not yet in BirdTrack or published on popular social media sites, on the following:

  1. Large counts.
  2. Evidence of birds on active migration.
  3. Food other than hornbeam and yew seeds.
  4. Roosting behaviour (including at Kingley Vale).
  5. Song or courtship.
  6. Predation by birds of prey.
  7. Perching on man-made objects.
  8. Weights and wing lengths of birds ringed.

I am also preparing an illustrated talk and would be very grateful for any high-quality photos, including any showing unusual behaviour or numbers.

Many thanks,

Mark Mallalieu
SOS County Recorder