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Sussex breeding Firecrest survey: update

In 2018 there will be a Sussex-only breeding Firecrest survey. The aims of this survey will be to estimate breeding densities of Firecrests in Sussex, to obtain a better undertstanding of their distribution in the county, and to find out in detail what kinds of habitats these birds are using. The survey will run in April, May and June 2018 (see the survey instructions here) and the survey sites will be 1-km squares largely self-selected by volunteers but distributed as widely as possible across the county and also randomly-selected 1-km squares confirmed to include at least some suitable breeding habitat.

Volunteers are being sought who can survey areas of suitable breeding habitat within the following randomly-selected 1-km squares (updated 7/3/18):

SU7911 Stoughton
SU8113 Wildham Wood
SU9113 East Dean
SU9123 Cowdray Park
SZ8997 Pagham
TQ0103 Littlehampton
TQ0113 Bury
TQ0123 The Mens
TQ1123 Coolham
TQ2005 Shoreham Airport
TQ3113 Clayton
TQ3133 Worth Abbey
TQ4103 Peacehaven
TQ5103 Alfriston
TQ5113 Lower Vert Wood
TQ5123 Buxted
TQ6103 Langney
TQ6917 near Penhurst
TQ6123 near Broad Oak
TQ7113 near Ninfield
TQ8113 Baldslow
TQ8123 Mill Corner
The following are squares that have already been identified as having habitat suitable for breeding Firecrests, and so volunteers willing to survey these squares in the breeding season are being sought:

SU7408 Southleigh Forest
SU7714 Compton
SU7818 South Harting
SU8110 Kingley Vale
SU8515 and SU8516 Westdean Woods
SU8530 Stanley Common
SU8722 Woolbeding
SU8815 Singleton Forest
SU9125 Bexleyhill Common
SU9311 and SU9312 Selhurst Park
SU9710 and SU9810 Madehurst
SU9908 Arundel Rewell Wood
TQ2832 Brantridge Forest
TQ3232 Paddockhurst Park
TQ4726 Fairwarp (Ashdown Forest)

Please contact Helen Crabtree at if you woud like to undertake surveys in the breeding season or would like further information.