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White Storks

The recent increase in reports of White Storks in Sussex is linked to a project to release birds into the wild in southern England. Further information is available on the Knepp Estate website.

Some of the birds are able to fly and the SOS Records Committee (SOSRC) will therefore only assess records of this species in future where there is strong evidence that the birds have flown to Sussex from the continent and are not from this project.

In the short term, a full-winged bird, without evidence of its flight feathers having previously been cut to restrict its ability to fly, may provide such evidence. If possible, details of any rings should also be noted. However, do please continue to report sightings of all White Storks and record them, for example in BirdTrack, with notes on whether the bird is full-winged or not and whether any rings were seen and ideally read.

Please note that a bird that has flown from the continent may originate directly or indirectly from a reintroduction project there, but would be regarded as wild by the SOS for recording purposes.