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Swifts - Message from Edward Mayer

I have received this email from Edward Mayer and wish to share it with you -

Dear Swift Friends and Colleagues,
Some really interesting news! Dick Newell, whom many of you know for his Swift project work in the Ely and Cambridge and Olympic Games areas, and may even have met in the UK or in Berlin and Krakow, has developed an automatic Swift calls system, which can be operated with a simple time switch. It does not need any day to day attention. You "feed" it the Swift calls transferred from our CD onto a mini data card, and it plays the card at the times that you set on the timer.

You can see all the details and photos of the equipment here

Please let Dick Newell have your orders, or ask him for advice, or tell him your thoughts at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

I think this system will prove ideal for use in "difficult access" sites like Church towers, and I will be trying one out at our new Reading church project next year.

Best wishes, Edward


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