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2012 Swift Season has begun

Swifts are now arriving back daily from their time in Africa, and whilst some will be passing through Sussex, others will be returning faithfully to their own nesting sites. The birds which nest at one property in Lewes arrived back on the 26th April with the owners sending me the following - "Just thought we would let you know that some of the swifts arrived 'home' yesterday evening! Just before it was getting dark we saw one fly up under the eaves and pop back out again a couple of seconds later. After that we started hearing others at the end of the building, and throughout the night they were busy popping in and out and squeaking to each other."

A message from Edward Mayer on the 24th April reads -

Despite the cold wet and windy weather, Swifts are back! We are getting reports from all over the UK, Switzerland and Germany (where the weather is just as bad) of an early influx of Swifts. Only small numbers so far, and mostly feeding over bodies of freshwater, but they are here! So please start playing your Swift Calls CD if you are trying to lure them to your nest places!

Edward has some very interesting new news on his website which deserves a visit at

Best wishes for a great Swift Season in 2012



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