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Here is a the gazetteer of over 2800 locations in Sussex imported from the old website. Click on the letter below to go to the page of places starting with that letter.

The presence of a place name in the gazetteer does not imply that it is a particularly interesting place to see birds, nor that there is public access. The names and grid references have been derived from the SOS records reporting database.

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Abbotts Wood LakePopular Location  TQ5607 View Map 
Adur Levels West Mill FmPopular Location  TQ2113 View Map 
Adur Recreation GroundPopular Location  TQ2004 View Map 
AdversanePopular Location  TQ0722 View Map 
Adversane Lee PlacePopular Location  TQ0523 View Map 
Adversane North HeathPopular Location  TQ0621 View Map 
Adversane Westlands FarmPopular Location  TQ0623 View Map 
Albourne nr HurstpierpntPopular Location  TQ2616 View Map 
Albourne PlacePopular Location  TQ2516 View Map 
Albourne Singing Hills Golf ClubPopular Location  TQ2515 View Map 
Alciston BopeepPopular Location  TQ4905 View Map 
Alciston VillagePopular Location  TQ5005 View Map 
AldingbournePopular Location  SU9205 View Map 
Aldingbourne RifePopular Location  SU927017 View Map 
AldsworthPopular Location  SU7608 View Map 
Aldsworth Hams CopsePopular Location  SU7709 View Map 
Aldsworth PondPopular Location  SU7608 View Map 
AlfristonPopular Location  TQ5103 View Map 
Alfriston DrusillasPopular Location  TQ5204 View Map 
Alfriston Frog FirlePopular Location  TQ5101 View Map 
Alfriston Milton CourtPopular Location  TQ5203 View Map 
Almodington nr SelseyPopular Location  SZ8297 View Map 
AmberleyPopular Location  TQ0213 View Map 
Amberley CrossgatePopular Location  TQ0413 View Map 
Amberley MountPopular Location  TQ0412 View Map 
Amberley Timberley FarmPopular Location  TQ0214 View Map 
Amberley Wild BrooksPopular Location  TQ0314 View Map 
Ambersham CommonPopular Location  SU9119 View Map 
Ambersham PolecatsPopular Location  SU9019 View Map 
Angm'g Ham Manor Golf Cse TQ0504 View Map 
AngmeringPopular Location  TQ0603 View Map 
Angmering Avenals FarmPopular Location  TQ0805 View Map 
Angmering Decoy PondsPopular Location  TQ0505 View Map 
Angmering Dover WoodsPopular Location  TQ0506 View Map 
Angmering Park EstatePopular Location  TQ0506 View Map 
Angmering Pk Wepham WoodsPopular Location  TQ0507 View Map 
Annington nr BramberPopular Location  TQ1809 View Map 
Ansty nr CuckfieldPopular Location  TQ2923 View Map 
Ansty West RiddensPopular Location  TQ2922 View Map 
Apple Down nr East MardenPopular Location  SU7915 View Map 
Applesham nr CoombesPopular Location  TQ1907 View Map 
Apuldram (Ch)Popular Location  SU8303 View Map 
Apuldram Manor Fm South (Ch)Popular Location  SU8301 View Map 
ArdinglyPopular Location  TQ3429 View Map 
Ardingly Brook HousePopular Location  TQ3529 View Map 
Ardingly CollegePopular Location  TQ3428 View Map 
Ardingly Gt Racks WoodPopular Location  TQ3330 View Map 
Ardingly Loder ValleyPopular Location  TQ3329 View Map 
Ardingly Pickeridge FarmPopular Location  TQ3530 View Map 
Ardingly Res Dam AreaPopular Location  TQ3328 View Map 
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