0716 GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO (Clamator glandarius)

1918[A male obtained at Crowhurst (ES) on 23 May (BoMNH 205081).]WB HR
1967One picked up dead at Shripney near Bognor Regis (WS) on 4 August was the 11th British record. The specimen was in the Bognor Museum.* ×(found dying)
1990An adult to the north of Shoreham Airport (WS) on 4 April remained to 1 May (Fairbank, R.J. 1991. Great Spotted Cuckoo at Shoreham Airport, April-May 1990. SxBR 43:89-91., Millington, R. 1990. Great Spotted Cuckoos in Spring 1990. Birding World 3:140. and British Birds 83 plate 297).* ×

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