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Birding Books For Sale

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The following books are for sale: All are mint, and will have been read once / leafed through as reference.

Collection will be available from Horsham or Dorking.

All these books are recent editions - at most a year or two old.

Helm Guide To Bird Identification (SB) (Vinnicombe / Harris / Tucker) - 15
Rare Birds Of North America (HB) (Lewington, Howell & Russell) - 15
North American Bird Guide (SB) (Sibley) - 12.50
The Worlds Rarest Birds (HB) (Hirshfield, Swash & Stile) - 20
The Biggest Twitch (PB) (Davies & Miller) - 5
Bird Sense (HB) (Tim Birkhead) - 5
Birds In A Cage (HB) (Niemann) - 5
The Urban Birder (HB) (Lindo) - 5
Shorebirds Of The Northen Hemisphere (SB) (Chandler) - 15
HBW - Birdlife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds Of The World (HB) - 80
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Birding Books For Sale
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