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Conditions of Use

  • The Society accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of adverts placed here.
  • All items advertised should be bird- or nature-related.
  • To post an advert you must be logged into the site as a registered user. Before you can place your first advert you supply a username and password (of your choice) during a registration process and the system will create a user account for you. When posting subsequent adverts or amending / removing existing ones you must log in with the username and password that you first supplied during registration.
  • Adverts that you post do not appear on the site immediately. They must first be checked and accepted by the site's administrator. Depending on the availability of the administrator (!) it may take up to a couple of days before a new advert appears on the site.
  • No commercial adverts will be accepted.
  • Adverts will be automatically removed from the site once they are 60 days old. You can always re-post if necessary.
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