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Submission of Records to the SOS

Many of you submit your bird records using the Society's Record Capture 2 (Microsoft Excel) software, while a few still send us paper records.

The BTO BirdTrack system helps users to submit their records in a consistent form, and (with your consent) your records for Sussex are sent to the County Recorder for inclusion in the Society's database. This is our preferred means of receiving your records (it also creates the least work for our volunteer team) and we would like to encourage you to use it in preference to the other methods.

For more information on this topic, please read the updated "Submitting your Records" section of the website.

And just to remind those of you who regularly post to the Sightings page that many of the sightings cannot be imported into the Society's database, and therefore do not appear in the Sussex Bird Report nor can they be used for wider conservation or survey work. Please consider entering details of your sightings into BTO BirdTrack too.


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