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06 Aug 2017 SWT Woods Mill   more...

Many people write that they've attached a 'record' shot of a bird when, in fact, they attached a photo that many of us would be proud to have taken. Attached really is a record shot, very blurry and out-of-focus, but that just about proves what it is - a male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. It was with a very large flock of tits, warblers and Nuthatches that must have numbered well over a 100 birds. They were working their way through the willows at the south end of the millpond at SWT Woods Mill. The woodpecker gave great views but quickly moved on just allowing me enough time to snap off a picture. I saw it again in flight later as the flock returned. Apparently, this is the first record of the species on the reserve since 2011. Apart from a fine array of 11 butterfly, nine dragonfly/damselfly and many interesting plant species seen during my four hours at this excellent reserve, it was great to hear a Turtle Dove still purring, and to see two very newly hatched Moorhen chicks in a nest on the millpond.

Posted on 07 Aug 2017 by Simon Linington
06 Aug 2017 Wheatear   more...

Two wheatears at the back of scrape (see picture), also a sedge warbler in the lower Cuckmere, east side.

Posted on 06 Aug 2017 by Bob Izzard
06 Aug 2017 Pulborough Brooks

A quick look at the North Brooks this evening produced 1 Greenshank, 4 Green Sandpipers, 2 Black-tailed Godwits and a juvenile Stonechat. On the walk back towards Fattengates, a Lesser Whitethroat was feeding on elderberries, while between the church and the car park, lots of screeching from a couple of Jays attracted my attention to a Barn Owl which then gave a very close flypast as it headed off towards the Brooks.

Posted on 06 Aug 2017 by Matt Phelps
06 Aug 2017 Cattle Egret at Thorney Deeps   more...

A Cattle Egret was feeding amongst cattle at Thorney Deeps this afternoon in the field opposite Eames Farm. Other birds of note around Thorney Island included Wheatear 9, Whinchat 2, Stonechat 1 and Swift 10. (Barry & Margaret Collins).

Posted on 06 Aug 2017 by barry collins
06 Aug 2017 Seaford Head   more...

Another circuit of Seaford Head in equally glorious conditions provided pretty much the same species as yesterday. The only exceptions being 1 Wheatear west of the South Barn, a Nightingale in Hope Gap and 2 Garden Warblers in the clump adjacent to Harry's Bush. Otherwise it was 7 Reed Warblers, 19 Common Whitethroats, 6 Lesser Whitethroats and 2 Blackcaps.

Posted on 06 Aug 2017 by Bob Self
06 Aug 2017 Reed Warbler

For the last couple of days I have had a passage Reed Warbler singing very low-key warbles and chirps in our small bamboo stand in Firle. After a good while wondering what all this very quiet burbling was about, it finally upped its game this morning and came out with a more recognisable Reed Warbler riff and then briefly showed itself. A most welcome surprise and nice garden tick.

Posted on 06 Aug 2017 by paul .c. stevens
06 Aug 2017 Alfriston area

A mile south of Arlington Reservoir at 4.20pm and we spotted a male Sparrowhawk which very soon spotted us and scarpered. On looking for it again we found instead an Osprey glinting in the sun as it attempted to hover over a hedgerow. It headed off southwards.

Posted on 06 Aug 2017 by Andy & Gill Hibberd
05 Aug 2017 Grey Partridge   more...

Grey Partridge Truleigh Hill near the Rampion works along and upwards from the Mill Hill Reserve. Pic to follow. Red List Species. 

Posted on 05 Aug 2017 by Paul Conroy
05 Aug 2017 Seaford Head   more...

A truly glorious morning with blue skies, warm temperatures and the promise of something good. Not a lot of time to spare to explore completely but between 05.55 and 08.30 I recorded a vast number of Willow Warblers in the patches of scrub, trees and bushes adjacent to Harry's Bush - at 06.15 these were literally numbered in their hundreds rather than tens but they appeared to be moving up the Cuckmere in a large loose feeding flock. There were significantly fewer in Hope Gap. Also to be seen in large numbers in the meadows around the wood were 80-90 Sand Martins and around the same number of Swallows with a single flock of 60+ Swifts at one point. A reasonable number of House Martins were recorded in Hope Gap. In the Gap itself, more Willow Warblers plus a few Chiffchaffs and at least 8 gorgeous Lesser Whitethroats. In addition, a single Sedge Warbler was pointed out by Paul Evans who joined me at the top of Hope Gap and there were at least 3 Reed Warblers there. Peter Martin's Marsh Harrier also showed itself very very briefly as I made my way up the valley (so briefly that I would probably not have recorded it here but for his report). The real star of the morning, however, was a glorious Grasshopper Warbler which showed very well if far too briefly on the way back to the car. All in all, a very satisfactory visit and a welcome sign that the migration is hotting up.

Posted on 05 Aug 2017 by Bob Self
05 Aug 2017 Rye Harbour highlights

I visited the Beach Reserve both this morning and yesterday morning (4th Aug). Today, a Spoonbill flew east over Ternery Pool and landed (and disappeared) in one of the channels on the saltmarsh and at least 15 Whimbrel were spread around the reserve. Yesterday, a Wood Sandpiper was on the Harbour Farm pools closest to the lifeboat house, although I couldn't find it this morning. Large flocks of Sand Martins were moving SW yesterday, but they had dwindled to a trickle this morning. Finally, it was wonderful to see so many juvenile Common and Sandwich Terns amongst the flocks of adults.

Posted on 05 Aug 2017 by Graeme Spinks
05 Aug 2017 First wheatear   more...

This morning, on a corrugation of cut straw above Cissbury Ring, our first autumnal wheatear, very well camouflaged (pic attached).

Posted on 05 Aug 2017 by Alan Kitson and Miou Helps
05 Aug 2017 Gold-top Harrier, Seaford Head

A glorious morning enhanced by a fine juvenile rather than female, I think, Marsh Harrier just above the Coastguard Cottages (8.20-ish). Very low down to start with, then spiralled higher and drifted NW. Also a Spitfire spooked a flock of 50 Curlew (in two flocks) in the valley.

Posted on 05 Aug 2017 by Peter Martin
04 Aug 2017 Pagham osprey   more...

On another cool and breezy evening (about 8pm), a barn owl was showing well near the stables. What at first looked rather like a large pale buzzard soon resolved into a very fine osprey. It flew low and slow over the Salthouse, its progress along White's Creek marked by the vast numbers of panicked birds taking off. Having grabbed a late fish supper, it reversed its course,and carried on around a mile or so north to devour it. Very memorable.

Posted on 04 Aug 2017 by Dave Illman
04 Aug 2017 Wheatear   more...

A solitary wheatear by the South Downs Way above Alfriston. It's Autumn!

Posted on 04 Aug 2017 by Chris Corrigan
04 Aug 2017 Church Norton, Pagham Harbour   more...

On Bernie's Bench 11.30 to 13.30. Say 20 Sandwich terns (young and old) roosting throughout, joined later by one adult little tern. With the ebbing tide some 60 dunlins (all adults in summer plumage save four or five juvs) and 30 ringed plovers (all adults) flew to and fro, stopping long enough to pick out a single little stint (adult) and a single sanderling (adult) (pic attached of the latter in front of dunlins). Also present some 24 turnstones in gorgeous turquoise dress and a common sandpiper.

Posted on 04 Aug 2017 by Alan Kitson
04 Aug 2017 North Wall, Pagham Harbour   more...

08.30 to 10.00 (en route four swifts seen in Pagham village). Lots of cows and lots of little egrets, (the latter many of which with pale, lemony legs, thus juvs) and among the former, besides many swallows and a few sand martins, were lots of juv starlings and three yellow wagtails (pic attached of both, the wagtail in front; thanks to the finder). In the harbour here were, in their favoured creek, 13 greenshanks at roost with redshanks, whimbrels and curlews, a common tern and, far out in the middle, the three eiders, one getting its feet wet, the other two standing in spartina!

Posted on 04 Aug 2017 by Alan Kitson
03 Aug 2017 Cuckmere Little Stint

The Little Stint was on the east side pool, not the west pool. I would be amazed if it was still around with the amount of dogs and people yesterday afternoon.

Posted on 04 Aug 2017 by R Samways
04 Aug 2017 No little stint at cuckmere   more...

I went to see the reported little stint. On the pool next to the beach to the west of the path there was a dunlin which was pretty approachable. No little stint to be seen although I put up a green sandpiper. Also in the valley I saw a whimbrel, four curlews, a peregrine, one oystercatcher. Loads of juvenile goldfinches and stonechats were about. I met John Staire who reported a juvenile cuckoo and a hobby.

Posted on 04 Aug 2017 by Tim Squire
03 Aug 2017 Muscovy duck   more...

Might be a domestic escapee, it swam towards me from across the lake north of Horsted Keynes.

Posted on 03 Aug 2017 by Peter Lovett
03 Aug 2017 Cuckmere

Little Stint in the pool just before you reach the beach, within two feet of the road. Had no fear at all, could have virtually picked him up. Also 50 or more Swifts along the river. At about 2.00 pm.

Posted on 03 Aug 2017 by R Samways
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