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24 Jun 2017 Wigeon   more...

On the lake at Waltham Brooks this morning were some 80 mallard, four gadwall, one shelduck and the wigeon that was here late in the spring (pic attached taken today, picked out by its dark eye patch).

Posted on 24 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
23 Jun 2017 Arlington Res   more...

A visit to Arlington Res this morning and I was rewarded with good views of a Little Ringed Plover at the dam end (picture attached). Also of note were 50+ Swifts flying around but none with white bellies (very scientific!).

Posted on 23 Jun 2017 by Phillip Wells
23 Jun 2017 Pale morph buzzard   more...

Picture here of the pale buzzard out on the brooks at Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve.

Posted on 23 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
23 Jun 2017 Pulborough Brooks   more...

At Westmead two broods of four chick lapwings running here and there, while the brood of five Egyptian goose goslings kept close to the parents. From the Hanger a brood of six shelducklings virtually fledged, six or more little ringed plover (including at least two juvs), two avocets and five black-tailed godwits (pic attached of four of the latter plus a sand martin of which there were many and swifts too). Butterflies included several ringlet, a few comma and one marbled white. On the Heath neither sight nor sound of redstart, woodlark, spotted flycatcher, garden warbler all of which have been here earlier this spring and I wonder are they gone or keeping a low profile while breeding?

Posted on 23 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
22 Jun 2017 Pett Level

With the change in the weather I was expecting to see early returning migrant waders today, and sure enough there was a Spotted Redshank still in breeding plumage and a Green Sandpiper. On the roadside pools the local wildfowl were parading with their progeny - Shelduck with 10, Mute Swan with 7, Pochard with 5, etc - very impressive! Offshore a Gannet blew in, a small flock of Common Scoter looked like juveniles, and Common and Sandwich Terns passed by. Seven species of warbler along the dykes and scrub brought the total to 63 species.

Posted on 22 Jun 2017 by Chris Barfield
22 Jun 2017 Weir Wood Open Day - 2nd July 2017   more...

Full details in the attached photo and on our website. All welcome and great for children.

Posted on 22 Jun 2017 by Tom Howard-Jones
21 Jun 2017 Swifts over America   more...

35+ Swifts feeding over America Lane and Scrase Valley 8.30 -9.00 pm

Posted on 21 Jun 2017 by Colin Brand Lindfield Heights
21 Jun 2017 Two fledgling stories

Both in Steyning, the first was Monday last, sweltering early pm, me in car at T-junction, opposite, in full sun, a tiny bird hovering over a ball of fluff on the pavement had me stop, turn off engine go over to find a pre-fledgling goldcrest which I lifted up and placed inside nearest garden border underneath some lavender. The second was today, early pm, in shade, beside Fletcher's Croft park, me on two wheels this time, a fledgling treecreeper clinging to the flint wall beside me, fluttering up and down, a tiny, dwarf of a bird, did fly to nearby tree and start climbing there.

Posted on 21 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
21 Jun 2017 Arun south of Arundel

Just over a month after seeing the last Common Sandpiper of the spring by the Arun south of Arundel, today had the first of the autumn. Also six Little Egrets and two Grey Herons plus a pair of Shelduck were an indication of post-breeding dispersal. However, a singing Yellowhammer was the first on the route this year while Sedge Warblers and Reed Warblers were also singing again.

Posted on 21 Jun 2017 by Martin Daniel
20 Jun 2017 Henfield Hirundines et al   more...

On Saturday evening (17th) one of our members was sitting outside at home, near Henfield, when there was a whack on a nearby window and he looked round and saw an small bird lying on its back. First thought was a juvenile Robin, but in the hand obviously not. Before he could properly examine the little brown streaked bird it rapidly regained consciousness and vigorously pushed itself out of his hands and settled on the ground. He noticed how pink its legs were. He checked in his Collins and on Google and it was almost certainly a Grasshopper Warbler. Monday night I spent a pleasant hour in Sallie Bedford's garden with her and Audrey Wende watching a maximum of 11 Swifts flying around, with individuals seen entering and leaving at least two of her Swift boxes. Yesterday morning a Turtle Dove was purring nearby and in the evening I checked out the House Martin colony on the newest part of the Deer Park estate,found 32 House Martin nests, of which 22 were definitely being used – lots of little heads peeping out and chattering from within. One house had 5 nests, all in use. Also in the barn-type garages were 3 occupied Swallow nests. To cap it all we had two Swifts flying over low too! Thanks to Henfield Birdwatch member Hazel Haylock for keeping an eye on them and meeting me to do the check.

Posted on 21 Jun 2017 by Val Bentley
20 Jun 2017 Garden delight   more...

A super time garden birding today. Early morning - a juvenile Blackcap, then a pair of Siskins (picture) followed by a Chiffchaff. This evening at 8.45pm a Red Kite fly over.

Posted on 20 Jun 2017 by Allan Roffey
20 Jun 2017 Church Norton   more...

We spent 5 hrs watching from the inner beach and then the hide at Church Norton today without any signs of the Elegant Tern. Don't think anyone else was claiming they had seen it up to when we left at 13:30. There was an identification crisis when a group of birders claimed they had found a Roseate Tern sitting on the mudflats on the falling tide, which in fact was a 1st summer Common Tern with a black bill. Plenty of young Black-headed Gulls all around the island with baby Little Terns visible at the southern end. Stacks of Common and Sandwich Terns feeding on and around the island. The Peregrines adults with 2 young were mobile around the harbour. Six Curlew present with 15 Knot that flew around the island and then departed north, high. (Bernie Forbes & Dave Smith).

Posted on 20 Jun 2017 by Bernie Forbes
18 Jun 2017 Chichester Cathedral peregrines

I managed to get over to see the Chichester Cathedral peregrines on Sunday and they didn't disappoint. 4 young buzzing about, amazing to think they have only been flying for less than a week. A picture of the only female juvenile can be seen at If you get chance pay them a visit well worth a look.

Posted on 20 Jun 2017 by Paul Loader
20 Jun 2017 Maidenbower, Crawley   more...

Early morning mug of green tea in garden interrupted first by a high pitched 'kew' call, then large swift silhouette shape in blue sky, second bird briefly located. Flying east, presumably to Ashdown Forest, a pair of magnificent hobbies.

Posted on 20 Jun 2017 by Charles Smith
19 Jun 2017 Swifts Over Worthing

At 20:42 about 20 swifts high over the Clifton Road area of Worthing. Most I've seen this year at one time.

Posted on 19 Jun 2017 by Richard Usher
19 Jun 2017 Red Kite   more...

Seen over our garden this morning.

Posted on 19 Jun 2017 by Derek Lee
19 Jun 2017 Preening on one leg!   more...

We were at the Church Norton part of Pagham Harbour 09.40 to 11.40. We didn't see any rare terns but enjoyed the comings and goings at Tern Island, saw many chick black-headed gulls and three chick little terns and, on the mud, a curlew standing on one leg while preening (pic attached).

Posted on 19 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson and Miou Helps
18 Jun 2017 Red Kite   more...

Seen either side of the B2146 just north of the A27.

Posted on 18 Jun 2017 by Christopher Evans
10 May 2017 Black vulture

As well as attracting griffon vultures recently, the Pas de Calais also had a sighting of a black vulture on 10 May this year, so another species that could pay a fleeting visit in future.

Posted on 18 Jun 2017 by Brian Banks
18 Jun 2017 Cuckoo   more...

At Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve the male cuckoo again in its tree for a while (pic attached) while on the brooks a juv black-headed gull had made its maiden flight, from Arundel I guess. Also a kite overhead.

Posted on 18 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
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