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03 Jan 2013 Waxwings

The Partridge Green Waxwings have been reported on twitter @WaxwingsUK as being near the school on Littleworth Lane.

Posted on 03 Jan 2013 by James
02 Jan 2013 Sawbill

Wishingtree Lake at the bottom of Queens Way, Hastings one sawbill fishing and resting near roadside edge of lake.

Posted on 03 Jan 2013 by brian grimes
02 Jan 2013 Warnham LNR

A stunning drake Goosander briefly this morning and then again this afternoon on the millpond as well as three Tufted Duck, six Pochard, three Teal and three Little Egrets. Lots of Lesser Redpolls, Siskins and Chaffinches around the feeders too. Please note the cafe at Warnham is closed until the 7th Jan for a re-vamp.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by J Everitt
01 Jan 2013 West Wittering

Was out with my dogs on New Year's Day and I am pretty sure I spotted a male Hen Harrier. I have not seen one before, but from the blurred photo I took and the research I have done I am pretty sure.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Vicky Martin
02 Jan 2013 Lots of gulls

While driving along the seafront from Ferring towards Worthing, I stopped to have a look at the gulls in the mud, north of the road. A beautiful Mediterranean Gull standing alone amongst the hundreds of Black-headed.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Jan Jupp
02 Jan 2013 House Sparrow 'Terrace' Nest Box Success   more...

I took down our House Sparrow 'Terrace' Nest Box from the side wall of our house this morning and found that all three compartments contained beautifully crafted nests of dry grass and feathers. I would thoroughly recommend this type of Nest Box to members but it needs to sited with care because House Sparrows are very shy at the nest and don't like to be observed visiting the Nest Box.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by John Phillips
02 Jan 2013 Arundel & Swanbourne Lake   more...

Another very enjoyable day out at numerous places today first stop Arundel; a ridiculously showy kingfisher fishing from the sand martin hide, ten snipe in numerous places also there too. Other birds included: Cetti's warbler, goldcrest, nuthatch and little grebe. At Swanbourne we had a treecreeper in a flock of about 20 long-tailed tits, however the best of the bird(s) of the day came in the form of two firecrests showing wonderfully along the southern edge of the lake! One final stop in a wooded area in the heart of Sussex provided us with marsh tit, siskin and an impressive flock of at least 30 coal tits.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Jake Gearty, George Kinnard & Luke Dray
01 Jan 2013 Pett Level to Rye   more...

Pett produced greylag and Canada geese, lots of curlew and redshank. On to Rye Harbour NR - masses of curlew, lapwings etcand one spotted redshank. A few snipe from ternery hide then over to Walland Marsh (Kent) to watch the marsh harrier roost but came across some birders watching a common crane up the lane past the Woolpack Inn.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by david james
01 Jan 2013 Un-official young persons bird-race!   more...

The 'NGB' as we will now be known decided to head for Thorney to start the year off and considering it was only one site the birds where wonderful! The day started with (in no particular order): a few red-breasted mergansers in the channel, curlew, meadow pipit, great crested grebe, goldeneye, Brent geese, two fly over pintail and other bits and bobs. Probably the best bird(s) of the day were the two slavonian grebes just off Pilsey sands. As the waders came in to roost a lovely barn owl was hunting on the eastern side near to the security gate and to end the day we had a surprising flock of 27 avocets roosting in the channel! Great company and 70 species in total. A warning to anyone going to Thorney, wellies recommend - parts of path incredibly flooded.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Jake Gearty, George Kinnard & Luke Dray
02 Jan 2013 Pulborough Brooks RSPB

Bewick's Swans were present in two groups today with two adults and three young on South Brooks and a further nine birds on North Brooks. No real influx of diving ducks yet with just ten Tufted present. The reliable Peregrine and Water Rail were recorded as were six Little Egrets and a Water Vole as seen swimming out on North Brooks.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Jon Winder
01 Jan 2013 Newhaven and Lewes

Newhaven: six Purple Sandpipers on East Pier with three Turnstones, also 30+ Redshank on mud. Rodmell: flock of 40+ Corn Buntings. Lewes: Last stop to see the Waxwings in the sun.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Phillip Wells
02 Jan 2013 Re Waxwings in Partridge Green

This is a message for the person who reported the Waxwings in Partridge Green this morning. We were in Partridge Green on Monday and there were loads of berries on the Cotoneaster bushes in the small car park by the hairdressers/bakers. No sign of any Waxwings then though!

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Chris & John Hamilton
02 Jan 2013 Male Black Redstart   more...

Stunning male Black Redstart initially on the rock groyne, then on the under structure of the wooden balcony of the house at the western end of "Millionaires' Row" on Hove beach. Plus Ringed Plover and Linnet, along with usual Turnstones, Starlings and gulls.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Simon G
02 Jan 2013 Fishbourne Creek

George Heath kindly informed me of a Black Brant he found in a flock of 300 Brents in the paddock north of Dell Quay this morning. Fortunately, it was very close to the path at the time of my lunch-time visit. Also one Whimbrel, one Grey Wagtail, some handsome Goldeneye and a single superb drake Pintail on show.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Chris Seaton
02 Jan 2013 Not just fancy shelduck   more...

David C's comment about Ruddy/Cape Shelduck raises the same questions that have been puzzling me: are both species in circulation round the county and how many pairs? And what about Bar-headed Geese? I've so far assumed that the various sightings around Romney Marsh all refer to the same individual, but maybe not. That one currently favours Doleham and is clearly distinct from that happily settled in the Cuckmere Valley. Are there others further west/inland?

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Cliff Dean
02 Jan 2013 Cuckmere Haven/Exceat Bridge

As well as the usual species, a possible single scaup on the meander although ID not certain because of the distance. I'd be interested if anyone else can confirm. Also six waxwings on the trees directly opposite the Golden Galleon (east side of the bridge). Three sightings of a kingfisher but I suspect it was the same bird, and a rock pipit and a pair of reed buntings further down the river bank.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Phil Papps
01 Jan 2013 Rye Harbour/South African (Cape) Shelduck

Yes the Shelduck at Rye on the 1st were the Cape Shelducks. Seen by the Rye Harbour New Year's Day walk.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Sue Howard
01 Jan 2013 Rye Shelducks ?

The reported Ruddy Shelducks in question were roosting at the time so I had my doubts on the ID and the grey head noted on one of them is consistent with South African Shelduck. Thanks to Editor and others for clarification.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by John Reeves
02 Jan 2013 Waxwings - Partridge Green

Five Waxwings from 11am in Partridge Green, St Michael's Rd/Forrester Rd area. Fairly settled but no food source obvious.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Darren Hovell
01 Jan 2013 Waxwings at Westmeston   more...

Four waxwings in and around trees to the west of Westmeston Church, near Ditchling, at about 1.30pm on I January. Visible from churchyard.

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Tony Hutson
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