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04 Jun 2017 Common Scoters at Hove and a quail at Sheepcote Valley   more...

Five Common Scoters, 3 males and 2 females, about 200 yards offshore opposite Brunswick Square in Hove at 10.45 am. Also, I should have put this in last week but I had to go away and I forgot, on May 25th in the afternoon, my dog put up a quail in Sheepcote Valley. I've never seen a quail in England but I'm quite familiar with it from when I lived in Cyprus. How rare are they here and how likely is it to have been a wild bird?

Posted on 04 Jun 2017 by Tim Jones
02 Jun 2017 Red kites   more...

Saw at least 11 red kites, some very close at times hunting the voles stirred up by farmers cutting grass at Amberley just north of the museum along the roadside. Also involved were a kestrel and 6 or so buzzards.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by Charlie Bones
03 Jun 2017 Red kite over Ringmer

After 'getting my eye in' with red kites on the M40 this morning, when I arrived home, lo and behold was one over Ringmer village green.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by James Grover
03 Jun 2017 The Waltham stonechat   more...

Despite being a bit fuzzy another pic here of the unusual male stonechat at Waltham Brooks today, now showing the startling white uppertail coverts (don't think it goes onto the tail itself cf Caspian stonechat!), large neck patch and apricot-washed flanks.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
03 Jun 2017 Red Kite, Crawley   more...

Whilst gardening at 14:30 today a circling Grey Heron started calling alerting me to a Red Kite which was gliding over heading north.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by Alastair Gray
03 Jun 2017 Spoonbill   more...

In reply to Kerry Jackson's posting below, besides the long bill a flying spoonbill has a long neck (pic attached of one such at Medmerry 21st April), whereas egrets fly with their necks retracted.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
03 Jun 2017 red winged magpie   more...

Large bird like a magpie seen over the last three days Polegate on private farmland. 

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by keith
03 Jun 2017 Pulborough Brooks (South)   more...

Although hard to observe on the deck, when put to flight by a passing red kite, the black-tailed godwit flock now numbers 30 (pic attached). A lesser whitethroat sang near the Black Pond unusually and others had a spotted flycatcher nearby.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
03 Jun 2017 Unusual stonechat   more...

At Waltham Brooks a male stonechat which, as mentioned on 26th April, is eye-catching - underparts quite pale, apricot across flanks and belly, redder on chest, big white neck patch and hind-quarters conspicuously white - vent/undertail coverts and rump/uppertail coverts. Picture attached which does not do it justice. Today butterflies out in the sun - meadow browns, common blues, small copper.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
02 Jun 2017 SOS Nightjar walk   more...

The new meeting venue of Hindleap car park was chosen for the Nightjar walk last night on Ashdown Forest. Although it would appear the name label of the car park had disappeared 21 members congregated, and were greeted by a very tuneful Song Thrush. Led by Shaun Taylor we walked in a wide circle to while away the time before the Nightjars became centre stage. Several birds were heard singing before it all went quiet. A Hobby, Stonechat and Robin were seen in the fading light before some of us saw two Woodcock roding – that is those who were facing in the right direction! The view out over the forest, and the colours of the evening clouds were much appreciated before we heard the first churring calls of Nightjar. Everyone moved around and closer to where the calls were coming from. Bats were already busy hoovering up those midges which were around and above us. Two more Nightjars could be heard as we moved along the path in the gathering gloom. Eventually we headed back to our cars just as the rain set in and it was too dark to see anything. Many thanks to Shaun for leading this walk. It was good to catch up with SOS members, plus a few members from the East Grinstead RSPB group and a visitor who was hearing Nightjars for the first time.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by Audrey Wende
02 Jun 2017 Large white bird Aldwick

19:46 Aldwick high in sky large long-legged long-billed white bird flying west to east. No binos to hand. Flight pattern suggested Spoonbill. Any other sightings/offers?

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by kerry jackson
02 Jun 2017 Red kite   more...

Small overgrown paddock had been flailed down during the day and Red kite was seen in the evening removing a dead rabbit.

Posted on 03 Jun 2017 by David Walker
02 Jun 2017 Black-winged Stilts   more...

Two Black-winged Stilts on The Midrips this afternoon viewed from the sea wall. Access from Jury's Gap till 08.00 tomorrow. Please be very careful entering this site at high tide as the rocks are loose and slippery.

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by Martin Casemore
02 Jun 2017 Isfield   more...

The Lesser Whitethroat that has been singing strongly for almost a month is still singing, and a family of Pied Wagtails with recently fledged youngsters is very active. Possibly of interest: over many years I have observed House Martins landing on the turf here apparently gathering drying grass clippings, as they were today. I presume the grass is used for nest lining but possibly also incorporated into the mud structure itself? Incidentally: a pair of martins that at great effort almost finished building a nest on my house have been evicted by House Sparrows!

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by David Williams
02 Jun 2017 Raptors   more...

Walk with my friend Anna, from Butts Brow to Lullington Heath. Saw Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard so was quite chuffed. Whilst at the Heath we saw what at first we assumed was a Red Kite. Having watched it for a short while we both realised that the tail was not forked as should be the case. It was not one of the above species and was the size and shape of a Kite. Did we see a Black Kite or was it just an unusual looking Red Kite? Alas we have no photo. We are hoping someone else saw the bird and can help us out. It was seen at 12.30pm and headed off in a south westerly direction.

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by Martin Kenward
02 Jun 2017 Pulborough Brooks   more...

10.30 to 13.00 A lesser whitethroat sang along the Zigzag, a pair of shoveler was to be seen from the Hanger (no ducklings though, nor for the gadwalls nor the shelducks), a hobby was distant over the river, the male stonechat was on the electric fence and a female type marsh harrier, tatty in moult, was briefly over the South Brooks (pic attached). I note with interest that the bumblebees in nestbox by Pipe Pond have been identified as tree bumblebees, a recent addition to the British Isles from France. I saw azure damselflies mating and a ringlet butterfly.

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by Alan Kitson
01 Jun 2017 Nightjars

Last night, 2 Nightjars near the Airstrip and one at Isle of Thorns on Ashdown Forest. Also a Woodcock roding. My daughter loved it!

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by D Madgin
01 Jun 2017 Red Kite   more...

Six red kites seen circling over Green Lane, Ringmer early evening.

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by Peter Wright
01 Jun 2017 Whitethroats and seabirds   more...

I went to Cuckmere Valley on Thursday for the first time since the winter. There were Whitethroats and Skylarks every hundred yards or so showing well, with Meadow Pipits trying to squeeze in between! Colourful Linnets, Green and Gold finches, Swallows skirting up and down the river, and plenty of Little Egrets. Only 3 pairs of Canada Geese had goslings. Once up by the cottages I had good views of the 2 pairs of Fulmars - one huddled in a burrow just visible whilst it partner patrolled the cliff face (pic of one attached). Late in the afternoon I went to Seaford Head, where the most plentiful bird by far was the Kittiwakes, chatting and nest building. Every step on the grass put up small blues.

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by Yvonne Taylor
01 Jun 2017 Broadwater Warren   more...

Singing Tree Pipits and Yellowhammers in evidence plus at least three nightjars heard very late but not seen.

Posted on 02 Jun 2017 by Paul Stevens
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