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31 Jul 2017 Buzzard   more...

Not 100% sure what this is - watched a few Buzzards today and this seemed smaller and flew differently. Any thoughts?

(Buzzards can be very variable in appearance, this a pale common buzzard - Ed).


Posted on 31 Jul 2017 by Frank Jennings
31 Jul 2017 Pulborough Brooks

The earlier reported Wood Sandpiper was still on the North Brooks at 18:50 this evening, along with at least eight Green Sandpipers, one Black-tailed Godwit and ca. 95 Lapwing. Two Barn Owls were also seen hunting together at dusk.

Posted on 31 Jul 2017 by Matt Phelps
31 Jul 2017 Wheatear

One wheatear on path from Seaford Head going down to Hope Gap. Seen at 17:00.

Posted on 31 Jul 2017 by Bob Izzard
31 Jul 2017 Wheatear

Walking from Lewes to Seaford I was surprised, not far from Seaford, by a wheatear which followed me from fence-post to fence-post for a few hundred metres. Early for a wheatear to be back near the coast.

Posted on 31 Jul 2017 by Peter Calladine
31 Jul 2017 Seaford Head

Signs of early autumn migration in the form of 70 Swifts, 1 Reed Warbler, 2 Willow Warblers, 2 Chiffchaffs and an elusive Nightingale.

Posted on 31 Jul 2017 by Bob Self
30 Jul 2017 Arun south of Arundel

A surprise today with two juvenile Cuckoos along the route, one in the beanfield, where still at least 20 Reed Buntings, 30 or more Linnets and a single Grey Partridge. Seven Common Sandpipers but only one Lapwing and no Little Egrets along the route.

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Martin Daniel
30 Jul 2017 Curlew Sandpipers

Two moulting adult Curlew Sandpipers at Rye Harbour at high tide late afternoon, one on Ternery Pool and the other on Flat Beach. No sign however of the 2 Roseate Terns seen yesterday afternoon on Ternery Pool by Barry Wright (per Twitter).

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Paul James
30 Jul 2017 Weir Wood

Noted today were 5 Green Sandpipers, 3 Common Sandpipers, 32 Lapwings, 1 Kingfisher, 26 Common Terns, 2 Teal and a single Swift.

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Alastair Gray
30 Jul 2017 Newhaven to Seaford and Cuckmere Haven   more...

In Mill Creek 11 Redshanks and 6 Ringed Plovers on the mud at low tide. At Tide Mills a Whitethroat, pair of Stonechats and on the beach 4 Ringed Plovers. At Splash Point fledged Kittiwakes were taking short flights off the rocks and back. Just a Skylark at Seaford Head with the wind blowing a gale. At Cuckmere Haven 1 Whimbrel, 34 Oystercatchers roosting on the mudflat, 16 Dunlin, and approx 50 Curlews in the fields put up by a Buzzard. A single Raven circled and headed North and 5 minutes later a pair of Ravens by the Lifeguard cottages flew West along the coast. Back over Seaford Head I heard Rock Pipits and nearing Splash Point finished with a male Stonechat.

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Adrian West
29 Jul 2017 Wet Sunday at Arundel WWT   more...

Yesterday with limited mobility and intermittent downpours found just 55 species (compared with 70 on 15 July). Ten species of wild wildfowl included 4 Teal. A juvenile Redshank and a Common Sandpiper were the only waders seen. Some of the breeding evidence was: Wood Pigeon, Sedge Warbler and Reed Warbler nest building; Blackbird and Song Thrush short-tailed fledglings. A male Bullfinch fed one of three juveniles, then flew down to ground and collected beakfuls of very fine twiglets or rootless. He then carried them towards hen perched in hedgerow. Annoyingly then flushed by birdwatchers. Spent six hours in Ramsar Hide during which time an adult Heron caught at least four fish (in between being mobbed by Black-headed Gulls) and single Kingfishers visited twelve times (male on three visits perched close to hide). A juvenile Common Gull seemed early; 2cy had visited site earlier.

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by David Harper
30 Jul 2017 Whitethroats with stonechats   more...

This morning we went to the corn fields above Cissbury, looking for whinchats, found none, but far out in the tawny-coloured crop we saw, eventually, two stonechats, both washed out, male and female, moving to and fro in and on the corn accompanied by two whitethroats throughout (pic attached of the female stonechat on right and a whitethroat on left, at range). We were put in mind of searching for Dartford warblers when time and again they were to be found alongside stonechats. Maybe there's a symbiosis here?

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Alan Kitson and Miou Helps
29 Jul 2017 Pulborough Brooks

26 lapwings, 8 black tailed godwits and 2 green sandpipers on the North Brooks in the pouring afternoon rain!

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Chris Corrigan
29 Jul 2017 Cuckmere Haven   more...

A good start down the Cuckmere river - having just parked at the Cuckmere Inn, a number of young Swallows being fed (picture attached) - then a Marsh Harrier flying over - after that, not a lot.

Posted on 29 Jul 2017 by Phillip Wells
29 Jul 2017 Eiders at Pagham   more...

On the Selsey blog I have noted three eiders being recorded at Church Norton this summer and this morning, from the East side of the Harbour three eiders were resting on mud somewhere near the middle, so were distant, but worthy, I thought, of the picture here. The righthand bird is brown and thus probably female, the other two blackish in part so likely males and the lefthand one has some white and may be imm or could it be eclipse drake and could this be a family?

Posted on 29 Jul 2017 by Alan Kitson
29 Jul 2017 Pagham Harbour (East)   more...

ca.10.30 to 12.30. Low tide, waders were mainly curlew, whimbrel and oystercatcher, ducks included three eider hauled out on the mud (probably two males - imm and juv, and a female, but long range), a flock of 11 gadwall flying over the Breach Pool and two teal on it, there was a pair of common terns (pic of one attached) and, in the saltings, what I believe was a first-year yellow-legged gull; three or four kestrels hunted the North Fields.

Posted on 29 Jul 2017 by Alan Kitson
29 Jul 2017 Arun south of Arundel

A definite groundhog day feel about the waders on the route by the river at the moment with 9 Common Sandpipers, 2 Oystercatchers, 23 Lapwings and 3 Little Egrets this morning, much the same as on previous days over the past week. However, passerines more fruitful than of late courtesy of the beanfield next to Billycan Camping where today at least 20 Reed Buntings, 30 Linnets and a smattering of House Sparrows, Greenfinches, Goldfinches, Reed Warblers, Sedge Warblers and Willow Warblers.

Posted on 29 Jul 2017 by Martin Daniel
29 Jul 2017 Cuckmere Haven Bonxie

A great skua flew in low from the east over the lagoon and appeared to land by the river but sadly departed shortly afterwards, probably as a result of disturbance.

Posted on 29 Jul 2017 by Nick Pope
29 Jul 2017 Cissbury never disappoints

Beautiful clear day and much for the botanist on Cissbury. Bird life quiet but swifts, wheatear, meadow pipit, buzzard, kestrel, linnets, green woodpeckers, goldfinches all presenting nicely. Lovely bonus was seeing the rich orange yellow of a clouded yellow butterfly which I don't recall seeing here before.

Posted on 29 Jul 2017 by Patrick
28 Jul 2017 Weir Wood   more...

Early this morning, no sign of yesterday's Wood Sandpiper, Oystercatcher or Little Egret at the west end. However, 2 Green Sandpipers and a summer-plumaged Dunlin. On the dam, one Common Sandpiper.

Posted on 28 Jul 2017 by James McCulloch
27 Jul 2017 West Sussex   more...

Depressed by the shortage of decent birds in the east, we set off in search of better in the west. In the event, Pulborough Brooks produced at least 4 Green Sandpipers and a surprise Wood Sandpiper plus a Hobby and a Nightingale. Also present were a fair number of Sand Martins and House Martins. Sidlesham Ferry Pool then added no fewer than 9 Little Ringed Plovers, 13 Black-tailed Godwits, 6 Avocets and a Redshank while Church Norton added several Sandwich Terns, a single Common Tern, at least 3 Whimbrel, several Dunlin, 2 Mediterranean Gulls and a few Swifts. Ended up at Burton Mill Pond where among the Reed Warblers we found a single Mandarin Duck.

Posted on 27 Jul 2017 by Bob Self
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